Fall in love with these 3 spots near Tequila

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If you’re spending more than a weekend in Tequila, you probably have planned to stroll through the charming cobbled streets. You know, visiting the Santiado Apostol Church, La Rojeña Distillery, and the Centro Cultural Juan Beckmann Gallardo. Yet, you might be wondering what’s next?

Well, let us share with you these 3 fantastic places you must visit during your stay in Tequila!

What to do near Tequila?

1. Swim in Los Azules cascade

Los Azules is a gorgeous natural spot located on the outskirts of Tequila, perfect for people who seek to reconnect with nature. To get here, you must hike through the countryside, across some tiny farms, and then into the woods. Get ready for the most amazing views of the mountains and the valley. After a 20 minutes walk, you will be in front of three breath-taking cascades. Now, just put your swimming suit on and jump into the cold water.

Tequila Jalisco


For more information about how to get to Los Azules, you can ask your concierge in Solar de las Ánimas or Hotel Villa Tequila. No specialized training or equipment is needed to perform this excursion. Yet we highly recommend being in good physical condition, dress comfortably, and hire a local guide.

2.- Go trekking in Tequila’s Volcano

Another attraction for nature lovers in Tequila. Prepare yourself to hike up to reach the edge of the volcano. Don’t worry, it has been a dormant volcano for more than 20 thousand years! However, the last eruptions made the valley’s soil extraordinarily fertile and thus tequila delicious. Considered a holy place by prehispanic tribes, Tequila’s Volcan is undeniably a must on your trip. Our best advice is the same. In case you feel to do this excursion, you can always ask your concierge in Solar de las Animas and Hotel Villa tequila for more information.

3.- Explore Jose Cuervo’s agave fields

If you have already strolled through Tequila’s downtown and La Rojeña distillery, it’s time to head to the countryside. The most beautiful landscapes will be waiting for you to take amazing photos. Beyond the memories you could create, you will learn how tequila is made from the fields to the bottle as well.

Agave Tequila Jalisco

An expert Jimador will teach you how to cut an agave and prepare it for the factory. If you come close, he will undoubtedly give you a small piece of the plant for you to recognize its smell, flavor, and texture. Other cool places to visit as soon as the quarantine finishes are Guachimontones and the colonial town all far and wide Jalisco. From now on, we wish you nothing but the best. Soon you’ll come along and live new adventures in Tequila Jalisco.

Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 03/06/2020

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