October is simply perfect for sowing fields with corn, thanks to Tequila’s valley fertility. As being among the main producers of corn in Mexico, Jalisco understand the great importance of growing it.


Not many people realize that Tequila Volcano once contained a pre-Hispanic civilization, whose rituals and tradition were barely discovered in recent years. Yet, its name hasn’t be found, thus anthropologists and archeologists who have been holding research since the 70’s, named it as Teuchitlan Tradition.


As you get in Tequila Jalisco and hang out a little bit, you may notice that this Magical Town has a wide appreciation not just for alcohol elixirs but also for arts and Mexican popular traditions. For instance, Music School of Tequila, established by Beckmann Foundation, is the very best demonstration of tequilas people love for arts.


Day of the Dead may be the most gorgeous tradition of all Mexican ones. Each November 1st and 2nd, this country is covered up with floral scents, typical food and colorful popular art, as dead are believed to cross the barrier between life and death to visit their beloved ones on a luminous path build from love.


Jesus Reyes Ferreira was a renowned painter, sculptor, popular-art collector and antiquarian, who has been a major exponent of Mexican contemporary art. He has even served as aesthetic counselor for many architects.


Even if Tequila’s main charm is the traditional process of making agave-liquor, this Magical Town hides a wonderful culinary secret, the pachecadas.

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