This project is aimed at reintroducing endemic species of flora and fauna in the mountainside of Atizcoa. It is thus needed to follow a sustainable reforestation program. First, seeds are recollected during the drought season in Tequila, between February and April. Then, if conditions allow seeds to sprout, they are immediately planted


As Mexican Constitution was promulgated on February 5th, 1917, this day were established as a national holiday. Just like the Independence Day, people are encouraged to celebrate the proudness of being Mexican. When holidays like this fall on Mondays or Fridays, people normally have a long weekend called “Puente”, which means that they have three or more free days in a row.


If your firmest New Year’s resolution for 2019 is to discover the beauty of Mexican landscapes, buildings and culture, you mustn't take off Tequila of your holidays list of destinations. Moreover, it should be placed in the first position. This picturesque town in Jalisco, renowned for being a major sanctuary of Mexican heritage, is ready to show you that Mexico is full of surprises.


A New Year is around the corner and we want you to celebrate it the best way possible… with Tequila and an exceptional dinner. La Antigua Casona® is setting up the table for you and your close friends. Get ready to be delighting by all the flavors Tequila has to offer this December 31st


Posadas are the most emblematic tradition of the Mexican Christmas. Celebrated between December 16th and 24th, these are a representation of the journey Virgin Mary and St. Joseph went on while looking for a place, where Mary could give birth to Jesus.


Aimed to preserve the Mexican heritage and showing the real face of Mexico through arts, Juan Bekcmann Gallardo´s Cultural Center® was inaugurated last December 1st in el Pueblo Mágico de Tequila.

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