The 4 most gorgeous sights in Jose Cuervo Express

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Have you ever think about going back in time? Well, now you can. If you are traveling to tequila soon, then you must get on board Jose Cuervo Express. This gorgeous train departs from Guadalajara Station heading El Pueblo Magico de Tequila. On your way, you will admire the most amazing landscapes while you discover the great tradition tequila has

Whether you travel with kids or in couple, you will love this ride. As you listen to the legends and stories, your mind will go on a trip to ancient Mexico while your sight is enchanted with the most amazing landscapes.

What landscapes can I find on my way to Tequila?

Agave fields

Agave Mundo Cuervo

As Jose Cuervo Express begins its journey through the mountains, you will enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of agave crops. Beyond being an iconic picture of Jalisco, these crops provide the main ingredient for tequila. Finally, minutes before arriving, a tequila tasting will be made in which you will discover the fantastic flavors and scents it has. Also, during the tour, you will make a stop at these fields where you can watch a demonstration of agave’s harvest process, known as Jima and watch how agave cores are prepared to continue their journey to La Rojeña Distillery.

Tequila Volcano

After having tasted the sweetness of Tequila, it’s time to enjoy the wonders of nature. Undoubtedly the Western Mountain Range provide the most impressive views. When walking through the woods, you will identify a huge diversity of agaves, burn plants and flowers. If you are lucky enough, you may even see some gorgeous endemic animal in their natural habitat.

As Tequila Volcano was considered a holy mountain by pre-hispanic people, it is certainly one of the most amazing sights in all Mexico. So, you better prepare the camera in advance. You wouldn’t like to miss any single picture of this coloso.

Arenal and Magdalena

Sun will be lighting up the path to Tequila, on which you can get enchanted by the classic charm of Arenal and Magdalena. These towns, minutes away tequila, are renowned for its vast cultural and historical heritage as well as its gorgeous cobbled streets. which you can see through your window on board Jose Cuervo Express.

The Western Mountains Range (Sierra Madre Occidental)

Agave Mundo Cuervo

Finally, as train runs to Tequila, you will go on the closest trip to the Western Mountains. You will see how the landscapes change from the dry and urban to natural and green. This view is certainly one of the most scenic sights you will have to take a souvenir photo.

Even though, Jose Cuervo Express takes longer to reach Tequila the trip is completely worth it. There’s actually no better way to enjoy the magnificent landscapes than a slow-speed ride on this train.

Don’t hesitate! Book your tickets now at Mundo Cuervo and discover the authentic tradition behind tequila.

Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 16/05/2020

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