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Mundo Cuervo

Jalisco is one of the most amazing places in the world. Minutes before landing you can get impressed by a delicate balance of nature, history, culture and development. Looking through the plane window the immense Lake Chapala or the white-crested waves of the Pacific Ocean in Puerto Vallarta is simply a magical experience, you can’t live anywhere else.

As you will realize from the very beginning of your trip, this is plenty-of-contrast land. The majestic natural wonders as well as the warmth of its people will assure the best vacation ever, no matter where you arrive in Guadalajara or Puerto Vallarta.

Despite Jalisco is full of gorgeous towns, historic cities and nature, there are three places which are in the limelight. Guadalajara, Tequila and Puerto Vallarta aren’t just the largest metropolis but also the ones that best represent the Mexican heritage.  Imagine beach, art and history in just one trip!

So, if you want to visit and take the maximum advantage of these destinations, keep on reading. We are about to share with you our best tips to travel to Jalisco.


Zona Minerva Guadalajara

The capital city can’t be nothing but impressive. Taking a walk through the historic district is undeniably the best way to discover charming architectonical beauty, it is famous for. Even though all buildings are extremely gorgeous, there are some which spotlight the city heritage. The Metropolitan Cathedral must be your first stop. There you will be able to sight the main monuments. The main square, which is laid in front of it, the Rotonda de los Jaliscienses Ilustres on the left and The Teatro Degollado behind.

Remember that you can always discover this city in a more traditional way, whether you like a horse-drawn or an electric-powered vehicle. Parked outside the City Museum, behind the Rotonda de los Jaliscienses Ilustres, there are some special carriages called Calandrias which may tour you around the historic district.

Laid Behind the Teatro Degollado, you must walk to the Hospicio Cabañas. This museum, which was once a major hospital complex, keeps save the work of José Clemente Orozco. On your way there you won’t only have some wonderful backgrounds for a selfie but also the chance of buying the most amazing souvenirs.


Tequila Jalisco

After having spent some days in Guadalajara, you must continue your trip to the Pueblo Magico of Tequila and prepare to discover its fantastic elaboration process.

Coming to Tequila is extremely easy, whether you travel by car or bus. However, if you want to relive the ancient experience of traveling by train, you can get on board Jose Cuervo Express®. On your way, you will enjoy the finest tequilas and regional dishes of Jose Cuervo® with the most amazing views of mountains and agave-fields.

Once you are on Tequilian soil, Mundo Cuervo® will make yourself at home. First thanks to the warmth of its people and second because of the attractions such as La Rojeña Distillery® or Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center®. At the end of the day you will realize that Tequila is about family, love and the joys of living.

Tequila has so many wonders that you may need at least two nights to discover them all. So, we recommend you to stay with us at Solar de las Animas® or Hotel Villa Tequila®. Both are classic and cozy hotels which represent the vast heritage of charros, agave and tequila. Finally, your stay will be ensured by the culinary proficiency of Chef Eduardo Marin at La Antigua Casona.

Puerto Vallarta  

Puerto Vallarta

Get ready to admire one of the most imponent natural wonders, the mountains getting lost in the sea!

This port is worldly renowned for having a beautiful boardwalk, navy-blue waters and an artful historic district. If you are looking forward to having some beach fun, you can’t miss the chance of visiting it, when it’s just 4 hours away Guadalajara.

Now then, if you want a romantic getaway, there is no better place. The cobbled streets, sea breeze and the small cafes spread all over the town create the perfect atmosphere for creating beautiful memories with your couple.

In brief, travelling to Jalisco is discovering the jewels of the Mexican heritage crown. Don’t hesitate and book now your vacation and enjoy three destinations in one trip!

Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 06/07/2020

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