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Have you ever had goosebumps when listening to a Mariachi, smelling the early blossomed flowers or seeing the most impressive landscapes? If not, you should visit el Pueblo Magico de Tequila immediately.

Few places in the world has such a unique charming that can get you back in time. If you pay attention you might still see an ancient charro riding around the cobbled streets of a colonial town. Besides, the smell of freshly baked agave will sock all yours senses and will make you want a glass of Tequila Jose Cuervo®.

Don’t believe for one second that magic ends up here. There are still many other things to do and to discover, like the best hotels in Tequila Jalisco.

Established in XIX-century colonial buildings, both Solar de las Animas and Hotel Villa Tequila has an old-fashioned charm worthy of a king. Staying in them will make you discover the ancient Hacienda-life as you were the most distinguished landowner.

Tequilans’ friendly nature will be the jewel in the crown of your vacations in Tequila.  They aren’t just in charge of making the best vacations ever, but they are also a great resource of information to discover a bit more of town’s history and heritage.

Now, it’s time to answer the billion-dollar question! What are the best hotels in Tequila and where must I book in?

Answering this question is a bit hard. Both Solar de las Animas and Hotel Villa Tequila have wonderful amenities to make your trip to Tequila an unforgettable experience. However, there are yet other elements which can help you to make the decision. Keep on reading to discover them!

Hotel Villa Tequila

Located few blocks away the very center of the city, Hotel villa Tequila has an amazing XIX-century-mansion appealing and one of the best restaurants in Tequila. As main attractions such as La Rojeña distillery and Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center are nearby, its location becomes perfect for those travelers who love to go sightseeing.

Recently remodeled, rooms are meant to offer you a cozy comfort decorated with a heavenly balance of history, culture and Tequila.

Even though the main attraction in Tequila is the homonym drink, families can create wonderful memories staying here. At the end of the day, Tequila’s culture is about love, family and tradition.

Solar de las Animas

Located in the main square, Solar de las Animas is a Relais & Chateaux certified hotel which is renowned for paying homage to Mexican heritage. Both architecture and services will make you discover the life of the New Spain as you were the viceroy. Besides you can get to know Mexico by tasting all delicious flavors at La Antigua Casona. All menu is simply a majestic art work in a plate!  Finally, you will have the most amazing views of Tequila mountains.

As this hotel achieve to heavenly mix Mexican heritage and lux, it is an ideal destination for couples who will to celebrate a honeymoon or those who want a quiet space to disappear some days and relax.

Hopefully these words may help you to choose between booking in Solar de las Animas or Hotel Villa Tequila.  If you still hesitate, let us give you our last friendly word of advice.

Imagine your sojourn in Tequila! How would you like it to be? If you answer a family relaxed trip, then book in Villa Tequila. If you rather a trip plenty of culture and lux then Solar the las Animas is your choice.

Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 06/05/2020

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