Unmissable expositions at Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center

Mundo Cuervo

The Pueblo Mágico de Tequila (The Magical Town of Tequila) isn’t just renowned for producing the most emblematic drink in Mexico, but also for the great amount of attractions it has.

The last and most ambitious tourist project is the recently inaugurated Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center®. Designed by the famous architect Jorge Layzaga, it holds an amazing collection of Mexican folk and contemporary art. Even though, those are the most famous exhibitions, there are much more to see at this center and Mundo Cuervo.

“Charrerías”, a glimpse into Mexican tradition


Born in XVI-century Mexican haciendas and farms, they were an iconic representation of Mexico’s cultural heritage. Combining prowess, elegance and gorgeous traditional charro-costumes; Charrerías were named Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2016.

A vast collection of well-preserved Mexican “Charrería” items can be found inside Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center®. From ancient saddles, horse harness and horse spurns to authentic-charro clothing, this is an unmissable exhibition during your vacations in Tequila.

Carriages a way to Tequila Jalisco

Tequila Jalisco

During Mexican viceroyalty, carriages were literally considered “mobile thrones” according with art-historian Alvaro Recio Mir. There is thus a well-deserved place for a Carriage exhibition in this cultural spot. Dating from XVIII and XIX century, this collection brings all gorgeousness and elegance of Mexico’s heyday.

Great masters of Mexican folk art

Arte popular

Folk art is the major acknowledgment to Mexican Culture. Not only for representing the feelings of a country but also for making an allegory of Mexican life itself.  Sponsored by Fomento Cultural Banamex A.C., Consejo para la Cultura y las Artes and Citigroup, this exhibition consists of an exquisite selection of 500 pieces of art coming from all over Mexico and is hosted by Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center. Visiting it will give you the chance to recognize the wide variety of ideas, techniques and feelings Mexican art represents.

“Cabezas” by José Luis Cuevas

Jose Luis Cuevas

 While walking through the halls of Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center, you may find some examples of José Luis Cuevas’ artwork. Although he has never attended to formal art-education, he has become a prominent representative of neo-figurative painting.

Abstract Art by Manuel Felguérez 

Arte de Manuel Felguérez

This contemporary artist has a pride of place here. Geometry and abstractions are undeniably a common concern in the pictorial and sculptural work of him.  In brief, a breathtaking job!

Certainly, creating a piece of art isn’t an easy job. Giving texture, form and color to a feeling is by far the most defying activity and yet the most charming and admirable, too.

Discover, feel and live all expositions at Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center!

Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 15/05/2020

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