Tequila, the best place to travel in 2019

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If your firmest aNew Year’s resolution for 2019 is to discover the beauty of Mexican landscapes, buildings and culture, you mustn't take off Tequila of your holidays list of destinations. Moreover, it should be placed in the first position. This picturesque town in Jalisco, renowned for being a major sanctuary of Mexican heritage, is ready to show you that Mexico is full of surprises.

Now then, you are probably wondering why tequila should be your first destination this year, aren’t you?  Well, to answer this question, keep on reading!

 Tequila Jalisco

First-class hotels

Landscapes in Jalisco are so charming that no word can fully describe how impressive they are. Traditions, incredible views and obviously agave are the perfect match to take your breath away during the ride on board Jose Cuervo Express®.

This small town is such a great place to disconnect from the world. There are many elegant and cozy hotels in Tequila which turn a normal trip into an awesome vacation. Spending a couple of days here will give you the chance to explore all little spots and attractions. So, try to stay for at least two nights.

Once you have your dates and your flight to Guadalajara, you must book a room according with your traveling-style and budget.

Hotel Villa Tequila®, previously known as Los Abolengos, becomes an amazing choice when considering location, services and atmosphere. A hacienda-style building has been remodeled to welcome guest from all over the world and make them live an authentic colonial experience in their sojourn in the Pueblo Magico de Tequila (The Magical Town of Tequila).  Rooms, decoration, furniture… everything is influenced by the family who used to inhabit this property in the XIX Century.  In other words, staying in Hotel Villa Tequila® will be like living again Tequila’s heyday.

Tequia Jalisco

Demanding travelers may prefer a Relais-Chateaux-certified hotel like Solar de las Animas®. Located few steps away from Tequila’s main square, it is well-known for having an exceptional service, being snug and luxurious. Not only is it inspired by the XVII and XVIII-Century architecture, but it also has fine modern amenities. Despite this, it preserves the charm of a colonial house. Solar de las Animas® has prepared 93 rooms, a restaurant and some bars to marvel you. Being accommodate in this hotel is certainly a memorable experience. Almost like the time you will spend in Tequila itself.

Hotel Villa tequila

What to do in Tequila?

Now that you are done with accommodation and flights, it is time to decided what you are going to do. Choosing on which adventures to embark is even more exciting when you have a wide range of options. Tequila and near towns have so many attractions that no matter what you choose, every day will be full of fun.

Agave fields are undeniably the main attraction in Tequila. As soon as you visit them, you will notice the captivating prettiness they are famous for and figure out the harvest process of agave. Going on an excursion in Jose Cuervo’s La Rojeña Distillery will heavenly complement your jaunt. Jose Cuervo and Fields®, a tour designed by Mundo Cuervo®, comprises all these activities plus a tequila degustation and a guided visit to Hacienda Jose Cuervo® where you can discover the sculptures of Leonora Carrington and Sergio Bustamante in el Jardin de los Limoneros (The Lemon-Tree Garden).

Tequila Jalisco

Going on board Jose Cuervo Express® is another must in Tequila. This classic-looking train will transport you from Guadalajara to this magical town. Some tequila cocktails, typical food and snacks will be served during the ride. Additionally, you can enjoy all wonderful landscapes as well.

Jose cuervo Express

You can also discover all the secrets of Tequila’s history. Near the main square, you can get onto one of the most peculiar buses you’d haver ever seen. Imagine a jalapeño pepper, a glass bottle and a barrel with wheels and seats! Simply unmissable! Speaking of culture, Juan Beckmann Cultural Center was recently inaugurated. So, you can visit it and have a good time admiring a special collection of Mexican popular art.

There are two distinctive beverage you should taste while hanging out in the heart of Tequila. First, “Los Cantaritos”, a mix of tequila, orange juice, grapefruit juice and soda; served in a chili-powder-rimmed clay jar. Then, “Las Pachecadas”, an endemic drink created by Don Marcos Pacheco. Combining tejuino juice and beer, those are the best way to beat the heat!  However, if the weather is a bit cold, you can be delighted in La Antigua Casona ® or in Hotel Villa Tequila® restaurant with a delicious “carne en su jugo” or the worldwide famous “torta ahogada”.

Traveling to Tequila in 2019 will make you accomplish your New Year’s resolution and discover all the small details behind Mexican culture. Undoubtedly an experience that won’t only stay in your memory but in your heart, too.

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