The golden age of Mexican cinema

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Undeniable, Mexican movies produced in the middle of the last century are, by far, much more interesting than the actual ones. Without great resources and few special effects, they achieved to charm Mexico and the world. These stories were as magical as ironic, very close to people’s reality. Productions portray the ancient Mexican-society values; such as manhood, courage, family and love. Even if nowadays there is a great controversy about its origins, it is also certain that all the movies produced during the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema are national treasures.

It is believed that these productions began in the end of the 30’s, alongside with dubbing, the main challenge for the cinematographic field in Mexico. As foreign films arrive in country, local producers faced a tough decision… dubbing these movies to Spanish or make new films completely produced in Mexico. At the end, the major Cinema enterprises, like Producciones Tepeyac, went for the second option and started the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema.

As the Second World War left a socio-economic crisis, cinematographic progress stopped around the world, excluding the countries which were out of this conflict. In Mexico, cinema industries developed incredibly rapid. Suddenly, Directors, actors and producers work hard to deliver films which represent the main issues of the society. In contrast with modern movies, ancient ones were much closer to people and recreate stories full of fantasy. This fact is believed to be a determinative element for the success of this age. Besides, another key of influence was the actors’ personality and charisma.

From the regional charros who looked forward to charming the most gorgeous woman of the town, to women who didn’t get intimidated by a man’s world; the characters played by Jorge Negrete, María Felix, Silvia Pinal, Germán Valdés “Tin Tan”, Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” and Pedro infante have inspire several generations.

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The Golden Age is just a sample of the great Mexican Cinema History. The movies which have luckily being tagged as master piece demonstrate that Mexicans still follow Mario Moreno’s motto:

“I do hard stuff immediately; impossible stuff takes me a bit longer”.

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Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 05/06/2020

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