Travel through the 488 years of Tequila's history aboard its trams

Mundo Cuervo
Jose Cuervo Street


Jalisco takes you to the most beautiful and emblematic places through the length and breadth of the national territory, approaching you magically to the world of distillate of one of the most representative drinks in the country, tequila. The drink´s name is because of the homonymous town, which celebrates 488 years of history deeply rooted in its culture, traditions and mysticism.


Very close to Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco, you will find Tequila, a place fulfilled with the history of what is known as the "Drink of Mexico". In 2003, it was undoubtedly named “Magical Town”, a distinction that some places in this country have earned because they cross boarders transmitting their story, their work and traditions, in a creative and entertaining way.


Perhaps for some people traveling through the town of Tequila, just because of its name, represent an adult exclusive experience. But because of its cultural richness and all the magic around, Tequila has become a destination for the whole family, where the little ones will also have a great time. Its colorful streets and tequila companies have plenty of stories, and although it may seem a small town, an amazing idea will be to go on board a tram, taking you to the beginning of all this history.


There are different options of trams in Tequila, in which you can explore its beautiful streets to celebrate its 488 years of being founded. But if you want an extensive tour of Tequila and its surroundings, you will have to make a reservation for a special tram at La Rojeña factory reception, just at the corner of Jose Cuervo Street and the town's main plaza. This tour begins with the emblematic “crow” that distinguishes the number one tequila company in the world.


A Magical Town that speaks through its people and its traditions


After visiting the main buildings of Mundo Cuervo, from the factory to the agave fields of Tequila, you have to visit the most significant places of this Magical Town, such as: The public washing places, the Virgin hill, the Santa Cruz de la Villa hill, The Jarritos stream, Tequila mountain, and the abandoned Haciendas area, better known as the “ghost town”. And if you are looking for some architecture and cultural heritage, downtown in the historic city centre, you will find the Church of Santiago Apostol. A church made of stone and wood finishes that recall the time of its foundation.

Tequila Jalisco


The Ramon Corona Street will take you, through the tram, to the National Museum of Tequila. A five hall Museum that covers the history of the Tequila as well as the history of the main families and Haciendas that produces this drink. Then, a few blocks away, it is mandatory to visit the Museum of the Grandparents, next to the Hotel Solar de las Animas gift shop, on the Albino Rojas Street. This museum shows a little more about the fascinating process of crafting tequila and its history.


Depending on the chosen route to take a tour in the trams, you will find out that the tours on the streets and the surroundings of this magical town will vary according to your preferences; but you definitely must add to your journey the experience of getting close to the monuments of the national and local heroes such as: The Heroes of Tequila, Juarez, Hidalgo, Francisco Javier Sauza Mora and Arturo Xavier. Don´t forget your camera!


The town of Tequila has had the intention of give historical and special value to one of the most emblematic drinks of the Mexican culture, tequila and its products. The town has grown with the idea of becoming a living museum and this is largely due to its inhabitants and their generations, who year after year deepens their cult and work to make the town emblematic and worldwide recognized. This last is largely owed to Jose Cuervo.

Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 04/06/2020

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