Safety Measures

Safety Measures La Rojeña Distillery

Sanitary Measures





Dear visitor,                                                                                                                                 Tequila, Jalisco August 29th, 2022



Since our La Rojeña Factory is an active beverage production plant, it i sour duty that all our staff and visitors observe the hygiene and safety measures marked by Mexico’s Federal authorities. Therefore, in order to have access to the facilities, we kindly require you to observe the following measures:


  • Shoes sanitizing in sanitizing floor mats
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Use of antibacterial gel
  • Use of mask and hair net cap during the whole stay inside the facilities
  • Keep safe distance among visitor’s groups

We highly appreciate your suppornt and cooperation and wish you an enjoyable visit.


With kind regards,

Fábrica La Rojeña