Meeting and training sessions

Work sessions are more productive when people are removed from their usual environment. Creativity arises when the environment is stimulating. Plan an outdoor course with team building activities, a professional tasting session at the end of the meeting to relax the atmosphere, or a brainstorming session while walking (imagine walking among our private sculpture collection). Your imagination is the limit!


Incentive trips

Keeping teams motivated is key to your organization’s success. A day of relaxation at Mundo Cuervo®, less than 1 hour from Guadalajara, is an extraordinary option. We will make each guest feel important. We can offer guided tours of our premises, a tasting in our forum, and of course, music, dancing, games and a great atmosphere all day.


Parties and presentations

Throw a big party to present your star product. Close the event in the Expo, inviting your best clients to a very special evening. Invite your suppliers or foreign clients on a journey into the heart of Mexico. Make you Christmas dinner unique. How about organizing the big event aboard a vintage train? Everyone will love it. And how about a show in a striking forum followed by a cocktail reception or banquet? Dream about the event that will be the highlight of the season.