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Tequila is a Jalisco product that is part of our national identity. Synonymous with this is our prestigious and recognized Casa Tequilera Jose Cuervo, a company with more than 250 years of history and tradition, which has managed to cross borders, exporting our drink to over 100 countries and, with it, Mexico’s culture.

From Jose Cuervo’s heart, in 2003, our tourist division Mundo Cuervo was born, located in the Magic Town that has given origin and name to the famous Mexican elixir “tequila”. In this drink, both companies find their reason for existence, being convinced that this great treasure of history and tradition that this drink ages has to cross borders, putting the name of Mexico very high throughout the world.

Mundo Cuervo has constantly innovated in all the experiences it offers to its visitors. It is a company committed to society by sharing an interest in preserving culture and its traditions, coupled with the development of the magical town of Tequila, Jalisco.

Mundo Cuervo has decided to work on implementing a Quality Management System (QMS) and Distinctions and Certifications to align our commitment to the continuous improvement of our processes and quality so that all our visitors experience the excellence of our service.

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The Responsible Tourism Institute is an affiliate member of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and a founding member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). In addition, through the Responsible Tourism System, it promotes sustainability from a global and integrating perspective, focusing on the measurement that the tourism sector must and can do to be sustainable, inclusive, and fight against climate change.


Sustainable tourism certification systems play an increasingly important role in the regulation of tourism services, offering significant benefits for the environment and society in general in those places where they are developed. In this context, Mundo Cuervo contributes significantly to reducing its carbon footprint through initiatives such as the conservation of species and capture of Co2 in its Vivero Atizcoa, the production of biogas from agave bagasse, recycling machines to take advantage of waste (PET, aluminum, straws and/or bottle caps), environmental education for all the children who are members of the different programs as well as for schools and residents of Tequila.


Mundo Cuervo has this certification since 2020.



Mundo Cuervo is a pioneer company in carbon footprint mitigation and has the following achievements: verified carbon footprint, carbon sink in agave plantations and afforestation actions, emission reduction plan, emission savings in agricultural practices, carbon neutral objective and electricity generation through photovoltaic panels. 

Mundo Cuervo has this certification since 2021.

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Association of unique and independent Hotels and Restaurants united by authenticity and high-quality standards. Created in 1954, Relais & Châteaux is an association of 540 high-level hotels and restaurants run by independent men and women motivated by the passion for their trades and closely linked to the authenticity of their relationships with their guests. 

Present on the five continents, Relais & Châteaux invites each person to discover an art of knowing how to live within each place's culture and participate in a human history. Members have a deep desire to protect, make known and enhance the value of the richness and diversity of gastronomy and hospitality cultures. Together with that of preserving local heritage and the environment, this ambition has been reflected in the November 2014 Manifesto presented before UNESCO. 

Hotel Solar de las Ánimas has this distinctive since 2016.​



It is a system applied in organizations. While some experts describe it as a process to share information, others state that it is a capacity to generate knowledge. In both cases, the same goal is always mentioned: to create value for the organization.

Knowledge management involves people working for the well-being of an entity. Through it, companies can create and disseminate vital information in a systematic and efficient way to achieve better performance in the organization's areas and improve their competitive advantages.

At Mundo Cuervo, we take advantage of these resources and implement a knowledge transmission and generation system that allows us to improve our processes, refine our collaborators' capabilities, and obtain greater benefits.

Mundo Cuervo has this system since 2012.

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The Tequila Route has designed the Distinctive TT (Tequila - Tourist), which is awarded to companies that comply with the "Tequila’s Route Guide to Good Practices”. 

The Guide to Good Practices for sustainable and quality tourism on the Tequila Route incorporates a wide variety of criteria that are considered essential to building a sustainable and quality tourist destination. 

The information in the guide for obtaining the Distinctive TT was prepared by the Tequila Regulatory Council and has been adequate considering elements such as cultural and social promotion, environmental conservation, business development, and tourism management. 

This document seeks to guide the Micro, Small and Medium Tourist Enterprises of the Tequila Route to increase their competitiveness and the quality of their products and services. The implementation of good tourism practices on the Tequila Route pursues the following objectives: to promote the region's culture, integrate the most unprotected social sectors in the tourism production chain, ensure the sale and consumption of tequila certified by the Tequila Regulatory Council in tourist businesses, among others. 

Mundo Cuervo has this distinctive since 2010.

Hotel Solar de las Ánimas has this distinctive since 2017.

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ISO 9001

 ISO 9001 is the international standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS) published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The most recent update of this standard was in 2015 and is known as ISO 9001: 2015. ISO 9001 is accepted in more than 170 countries and is an internationally recognized standard, which means that most countries around the world accept it. It focuses on customer satisfaction and the ability to provide products and, in our case, services that meet Mundo Cuervo's internal and external requirements. 

The Quality Management System is a set of policies, processes, records and documented procedures. This documentation set defines the internal rules that will govern the way Mundo Cuervo prepares and provides services to its clients. The QMS must be adapted to the needs of each company and the products or services it offers. 

Mundo Cuervo has this certification since 2012.



It is a Management System to improve the quality of Micro, Small and Medium Tourism Enterprises. It was designed by Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism to provide access to the training and consulting services necessary to promote its efficiency and modernization. 

Mundo Cuervo has this distinctive since 2008.