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Mexican traditions to farewell the year
Tradiciones mexicanas para despedir el 2017
"El Viejo" (the oldman)

There is nothing left to lock down this 2017 and save it somewhere in our memory. Surely if you think about, it has been a good year, full of good times and with good memories that will stay with you forever. Mexico has their own traditions to farewell the year as it deserves, get ready to learn more about them. 

It´s time to look back and think about of the year that has just ended. Surely everything has happened, from good to bad news, but it is always an excellent advice to keep the good things in life. With love, health and work as the principal encouragements to face a 2018 full of energy and projects. But first we have to say goodbye to 2017 and the farewells also have a series of liturgies that are worthwhile and, as far as possible, carry them out.

The year ends by eating the 12 lucky grapes, one for each bell. A tradition brought from Spain and dates back many decades ago. When reaching the new year it is essential to make a secret wish, to toast with a drink and wish all the attendees a happy new year and why not?, also a hug and a kiss as a love and cordiality gesture. Some people decide to toast with a gold jewel inside the glass, usually full of sparkling wine, as a symbol of luck and abundance for the upcoming months, it is always a good recommendation to also enjoy tequila.

In some Mexican homes, especially the most religious and practicing, one important tradition is to go to the nearest church and attend to the midnight mass, or the first Mass on day 1 to pray to the saints for good wishes for the year that is just getting started. But before there is the dinner, turkey is what is repeated the most in Mexican dinners to say goodbye to the year. But also pork shank, marinated tenderloin, shrimp soup, codfish or the famous “romeritos” (traditional Mexican dish consisting of springs of a wild plant known as Romerito that looks like rosemary. It is served with mole usually prepared with shrimp powder, nopales, shrimps, and potatoes). And even the pozole cannot be missed on the table in a night like this. The menu may vary if we choose to go out for dinner, custom that the youngest celebrate in Mexico as a prelude for a big, great and special party.

There are different ways to farewell the year in Mexico depending on the part of the country where you are located. Michoacán celebrates the burning of the new year on December 31, in Veracruz the popular music floods the streets while children celebrate "El Viejo" (the oldman), where the little ones disguise themselves as old people and represent the year that ends. In Oaxaca, for example, a tradition is to break the earthenware as a symbol to get rid of the old things. And even in some regions of Mexico, a doll made with old rags is made, filled with fire crakers, set it on fire, and symbolize the burning of the bad things that the year has left us.

Whatever your way of celebrating, in Mundo Cuervo we send our best wishes and a very happy 2018.