Top safe destinations in Mexico to travel after COVID-19

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As we said in our last entry, the huge list of destinations that are prepared for hosting tourists after quarantine is getting longer. If you’re thus ready for a safety after COVID-19 holidays, keep on reading. You may find great inspiration in the following places. In this post, we are going to share with you 5 gorgeous destinations in Mexico you could visit to relax once the lockdown is over.

What destinations could I go on vacation this 2020?

1.   Quintana Roo

piramide de chichenitza

If you have the will to enjoy scenic Caribbean beaches, you must book a trip to Quintana Roo. This destination is full of heavenly spots where you can find relaxation and let yourself be pampered by the tropical warmness. Besides, most hotels in this state are owners of a “Safe Destination Stamp”. In other words, there’s no way to get wrong with a post-COVID trip to Quintana Roo.


2.   Oaxaca

fachada de iglesia

Now, if you’re in the mood for traveling to a multifaceted destination, there won’t be a better place than Oaxaca. It has literally everything you could wish for: from breathtaking beaches like Huatulco and Mazunte, to interesting stories and secrets you could discover in the capital and Monte Alban. So, if a safe destination with a great cultural heritage is what you’re looking for, then Oaxaca is your best choice.


3.   Campeche

Playa en campeche

How does a pirate adventure sound for having a break from lockdown? This destination is ideal to relive the magic of ancient forts, pirates, and privateers. All the walls that used to protect the city can still tell all the stories they witnessed. Besides, the local cuisine is simply out of this world, mainly for seafood lovers.

4.   Baja California Sur

playa de baja california

Of course my friend, there are other beach-destinations for you to have fun under the sun. Baja California Sur has been one of the first destinations awarded a Safe Destination Stamp by the World Tourism Organization. So, if you’re pretending to enjoy authentic Mexican fish tacos, admiring the amazing marine animals of the Gulf of California, or relax in an ocean-front hotel, Los Cabos may sound like heaven to you.


5.   Jalisco

Pueblo tequila Jalisco

As Baja California Sur owns a Safety Destination Stamp, Jalisco does it as well. Actually, it has become one of the most visited places in the country. From Guadalajara, the capital that joins the best of a modern city with a colonial past, to the charming towns that make all visitors fall in love, this is undoubtedly the best destination you can travel to in your next holidays.

Tequila “Pueblo Mágico”, for instance, is prepared with safety procedures that guarantee you a safe and zero-worries trip. Besides, it's a great way of getting rid of last month’s stress.

If you want to learn more about what hotels are doing to offer you safe vacations and tourism in Tequila, don’t hesitate to read our post: Solar de las Animas, more than a luxurious hotel in Tequila.

Publication date: 01/09/2020

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