Solar de las Animas: more than a luxurious hotel in Tequila

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If you have already made up your mind about traveling to Tequila, then you might be wondering where to stay, and deciding whether to book in a traditional hotel, a luxurious one, or, even better, a mix of both. In this train of thought, Solar de las Ánimas is a hotel that joins the very best of these worlds. As it owns a XIX-century colonial-style architecture and design, it’s a clear representation of tequila-plantation-farms’ heyday. Besides, your experience here is backed by a Relais & Châteaux membership, which means you couldn’t expect less than a magnificent time.

Before we keep on listing all the cool features Solar de las Ánimas hotel is conformed by, we must put the emphasis on the fact it has reopened following all safety procedures and advisories needed to grant a cozy sojourn in Tequila. It has become a completely safe hotel for an after COVID-19 vacation. So, you can be sure that visiting this charming town will be a great experience with no worries.

Why staying in the Solar de las Ánimas Hotel after the coronavirus lockdown?

Firstly, because being a guest at Solar de las Ánimas is an experience you must live at least once in a life. Just imagine all you can do here!

Waking up in a gorgeous spot

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Many people believe that oceans are the most breathtaking landscapes out there at sunrise. Yet, the Sierra Madre Occidental and the majestic Tequila's Volcano have nothing but spectacular views. Actually, the scenery here is a show no matter the time. From watching how the sun rises in the horizon to the amazing contrast the evergreen mountains make with the agave plantations, it will definitely be a delight for your eyes and soul.

Taste creative Mexican dishes

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Nobody has ever said that traditions couldn't be innovated. Although it may sound contradictory, chef Eduardo Marin from La Antigua Casona, the restaurant at Solar de las Ánimas Hotel, has developed a tasty beyond-words menu that joins the best of the traditional local cuisine with a creative touch given by the freshest ingredients from Tequila's area. Get your taste buds ready! They are about to get surprised by dishes like Mole Rosa (Pink Mole).

Discover the magic behind tequila's making process

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Strolling around Solar de las Ánimas hotel will make you discover the great stories that have marked the evolution of tequila. If cobblestone streets and ancient buildings could speak out loud all the secrets they have witnessed, it would certainly be fabulous. Well, that isn’t so far from reality. When you walk through allies, you get the feeling that somebody is whispering the most romantic and intrepid stories about charros.

Become a viceroy

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As you stay in Solar de las Ánimas hotel, you embark on a journey to the Colonial Era, living the luxurious life nobles used to have. As rooms are cozy and full of luxury details, like the authentic XIX-century mansion this hotel used to be, there is nothing but a perfect ambiance for relaxing and enjoying a well-deserved break. Besides, all services here are world-class. This means that it doesn’t matter what your plans are, you will always end up with a smile in your face, thanks to our staff service, wishing to come back to Tequila soon.

Now you have read some reasons to stay in Solar de las Ánimas, you may have fallen in love with this gorgeous hotel in downtown Tequila. If you’re ready to book a room, get into our reservation system. You won’t find better deals anywhere else. On the other hand, if you prefer to learn more about the safety measures undertaken to grant a COVID-free stay, you could read our post: Solar de las Ánimas: a safe hotel after lockdown

Publication date: 01/09/2020
Last update: 02/09/2020

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