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In recent days, the world has been immersed in the unknown, wondering whether it is safe or not to travel after the pandemic. Although there is a huge list of safe destinations after COVID-19, tourists are still doubtful when it comes to flying or staying in a hotel. That’s why in further paragraphs we’ll share some recommendations for you to make that trip you long for.

How to know if the destination I want to travel to is safe after the pandemic?

As said before, every day, more destinations reopened after COVID-19 complying with international health and safety standards. In the end, the safety of all visitors and employees is the prime concern. There are thus several pieces of information you can consider deciding if a destination is safe to travel, such as:


1.   COVID-19 infection rate 

Even though statistics are believed to be the “Ol Reliable”, data might represent different realities. In other words, it gives a general perspective about how the infection has impacted regions. Yet it’s hard to tell the specific rate in small towns and cities. Thus, the information should be interpreted as an approximate reference to the situation lived in states or provinces.


2.   News 

Moments like the one we’re going through remind us that information is a great ally and there’s no better place to find it than trustworthy media. Generally, local and national disease-control authorities publish health-advisories and updates about the infection status in cities and certain regions of the country. Besides, comparing information from different sources, like the press and the statistics, is a great way to get a better understanding.


3.   Destination and tourism websites 

Other sources of information related to travel security are destination and tourism websites. You know, the official pages of hotels, restaurants, airlines, and destinations themselves. There you can find a complete guide about all the actions undertaken to create COVID-free spaces and grant the safety of visitors. Also, if you still have questions about going on a vacation, you could watch some videos about sanitization processes that will vanish your doubts as well. 


4.   COVID-Free Stamps 

Finally, you can research if the destination, hotel, restaurant, or airline holds any security certificate against coronavirus. Nowadays, there are several stamps that point out the knowledge and commitment to use safety-protocols for avoiding infections and make tourists have a wonderful time without coming to any harm.


As you could read, there is a massive quantity of information sources in which you could find answers about how safe a destination is for an after pandemic-holiday. If you’re thus ready to get back to your travel bucket list, you can’t miss our next entry: Top safe destinations in Mexico to travel after COVID-19

Publication date: 31/08/2020
Last update: 02/09/2020

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