Route of Tequila: A tour through ancient traditions

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Few people have ever heard about the route of tequila, a tourist circuit through the stories, myths, and legends of Charros, Adelitas, Jimadores, and Tequila itself.  Imagine! If agave crops could speak, how many love and adventure stories would they tell?

More than 500 years of tradition have turned Tequila into an essential part of Mexican identity. In fact, it is a representation of culture, people, and, above everything, the importance of family, friends, and enjoying any single time in life. The route of tequila is thus a tour through time, traditions, agaves, distilleries, and of course the magic of this delicious beverage.

Why should you visit the route of tequila?  

Cava de tequila

Because it is a great way of discovering the cultural heritage of tequila. Also, it will drive you through the most gorgeous sceneries of the region, such as natural wonders, distilleries, and ancient towns. In other words, if you are eager to discover what is behind this drink, this is a tour just for you. 

If you are an art and culture lover, you will absolutely get enchanted when walking across the cobblestone streets of Tequila, looking at the impressive ovens, and smelling the sweetness of freshly caramelized agave. It is definitely worth it.

Without a doubt. Touring across the route of tequila will become an everlasting memory that you would love to share with all your family.

Beyond traditions, the aesthetic-beauty of the attractions is another reason for visiting it. Let’s put it this way.  The agave fields all along this route were recognized by UNESCO as Natural Heritage of Humanity in 2010.

As you could read, go on a tour through the route of tequila means reliving traditions, remember stories, and creating new memories. Whether you travel alone, with family or friends, we are sure you will live great adventures in the Magical Town of Tequila. 


Tequila isn’t just a drink

voladores de papantla 

Frozen in time, this town seems to gather the best of Mexican golden-age romantic movies. You know, those films where charming men wooed a lady with songs, poetry, and showing himself as a brave warrior who won’t hesitate to protect her from any harm.  So, by visiting Tequila you can create your own love story.

Well, that’s enough of tequila. Even though the route is named on behalf of it, there are much more things to do. Actually, there are so many attractions and wonders that it would be hard to decide where to start.

If you want more information about the route of tequila, you could read our post Route of Tequila: 8 unmissable attractions.

Now then, if you were about to visit the Magical Town of Tequila, what story would you like to live?

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Publication date: 11/08/2020
Last update: 20/08/2020

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