Route of Tequila: 8 Unmissable attractions

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8 Unmissable attractions

Are you excited about the idea of touring the route of tequila, but you don’t know all you can do? Well, you’re just in the right post. We are about to share with you 8 attractions that you must visit. Whether you come alone, in a couple or with friends, we’re sure that you will fall in love with this gorgeous town. So much that all the stories you create here will become your favorite ones.

Now, you might be wondering…

What can I do in the Route of Tequila?

In brief, you can relive the historical and cultural heritage of Classic Mexico. You know, as you were part of a golden-era film. Actually, this circuit is full of art, music, food, natural wonders, and many other attractions. However, there are 8 places that, whatever it happens, you couldn’t miss in your visit to the route of tequila.

1.Tequila Haciendas

fachada  la rojeña

Perhaps, this might be the most obvious attraction in the route of tequila but not the less important. In the end, this tourist circuit wouldn’t be the same without the gorgeous haciendas whose owners have preserved the tradition of producing tequila for more than two centuries. Walking through these colonial buildings until finding the distillery will make you remember all the stories about this beverage. Besides, by taking a guided tour, you will listen to the most thrilling myths and legends of the Mexican post-revolution era.

2.  Agave plantation



jimador en los campos de Agave

If you are hanging around haciendas and distilleries, you must visit the crops. Beyond being the jewel in the crown of Jalisco and being recognized by UNESCO as Natural Heritage of Humanity, these plantations have a special magic. They make you reconnect with nature in a unique way. Besides, the contrast between the arid-soil and the great fields full of agaves creates an extremely beautiful show. If this weren't enough, pay closer attention. You could find a jimador over there. He would gladly teach you how to seed, harvest, and take care of these plants. Also, he might give you great advice on where to get the best products of agave and tequila.


3. The Magical Town of Tequila


iglesia en Tequila Jalisco

At the core of this route, you can find the town that gathers the very best of this tour. There you could discover the main distilleries in Mexico and the world, listen to amazing legends, visit the National Museum of Charreria and, above all, fall in love with the culture of tequila.  Remember that it’s more of a philosophy than a drink; that it’s about friends, family, traditions, and good living.

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4. Opal Handicrafts

Other unmissable attractions in the route of Tequila are the opal mines and the handicraft bazaars in La Magdalena, a tiny town just 20 minutes from Tequila. It had its heyday in the ’50s after the discovery of the mines. Today, it has become one of the few destinations where you can still tour the underground tunnels of them. Besides, the mines in La Magdalena are renowned for being the most beautiful in Mexico.  Finally, if you’re not into mining, you will love shopping, for sure. As all attractions, you may find some handcrafts markets in the entrance. There you could get some of the most beautiful handmade souvenirs made with Opal. Definitely a great way of taking a small piece of Mexico home.

5. Los Azules Cascade

Few steps from Tequila downtown, at the northernmost of Sauces street, you could find one of its best-kept secrets, Los Azules Cascade. If you are looking for extreme attractions, you have just found one. Getting to this fall is quite hard, even though there aren’t any restrictions. Keep in mind, it implies hiking through some slippy rocks. So, if you decide to visit it, we recommend you wear comfortable and fresh clothing, sneakers and take the less possible items with you. Just remember the camera! You won’t like to miss any precious moment.

6. Tequila Volcano


agaves tequila jalisco


Speaking of natural wonders, another unmissable place is the Volcano. This sleeping giant has been in charge of nourishing the soil so tequila could be produced. Despite its importance for the industry, it is one of the most impressive attractions you can admire. Also, if you get high enough, you could have a better view of the contrast between the arid soil and the evergreen forest around it.

7. Guachimontones



Did you know Jalisco also has archeological sites? Well, here we got one full of mysteries. Guachimontones or the archeological site of Teuchitlan is another attraction you must visit in the route of Tequila. There, you could discover the circular structures that have intrigued archeologists all over the world. So far, Guachimontones is believed to be a worship temple to honor the Aztec god of wind, Ehecatl.

8. Train to Tequila 


tren tequila jalisco

Like the popular saying, best comes last, and this isn’t an exemption. Although all attractions are worth visiting them, traveling by train would definitely give a plus to your trip. There are few destinations in Mexico where you can still get on board a train and less the ones with luxurious options. A tour across the route of tequila is thus unforgettable when you do it by train. Just imagine yourself onboard an exact replica of a XIX-century train.

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Publication date: 11/08/2020
Last update: 20/08/2020

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