Jose Cuervo Express: A tour through the Route of Tequila

Mundo Cuervo

Whether you are used to train-trips or this will be the first time you hear - All aboard! – the luxurious Jose Cuervo Express will be the best option for touring the Route of Tequila.

Get ready to admire amazing natural landscapes, make your heart feel the beat to the rhythm of Mariachi, and discover the secrets behind the production of all Jose Cuervo’s Tequila Family.

How’s the experience onboard Jose Cuervo Express?


pareja mexicana

Each Saturday morning, the shiny Jose Cuervo Express departs from Ferromex Station in Guadalajara to traverse Jalisco’s countryside, making the ancient railroads vibrate as the train goes by.

As soon as the train begins moving, you’ll see some urban landscapes, then, as it hits the valley, some crops of corn and sorghum, evergreen lands, and mountains will appear just in front of your eyes.

Agave Plantation, Natural Heritage of Humanity


campos de agave

At some point, you’ll see the agave plantations whose beauty and historical worth have guaranteed them a place into the UNESCO’s Natural Heritage of Humanity list. Yet, your visit won’t be completed without a tour across the traditional towns of El Arenal and Amititlan, which alongside Tequila, constitute the main producers of blue agave and are home to several tequila distilleries.

Tequila Volcano, the sleeping giant in the Route of Tequila

Beyond these plantations, the Volcano is another jewel in the crown of the Jose Cuervo Express tour. This massive formation, nowadays extinct, was seen as a holy mountain by the native nations, as each eruption made the soil around a bit more fertile. Besides, it was one of the major reserves of obsidian, an essential material by that time, of which tools, weapons, and decorations were made.

Learn and joy in the route of Tequila



copas de tequila

Besides the great views, you’ll have onboard the train, an expert will teach you step-by-step on how to distinguish all the flavors and aromas a tequila has. Believe us! A shot won’t be the same after this tasting masterclass.

La Rojeña Distillery, the birthplace of fine tequila

A traditional mariachi will welcome you to the station in Tequila. After disembarking, you’ll be driven to La Rojeña, the oldest distillery in Latin America.


fachada la rojeña

The first thing that’ll catch your attention is how the cores of agave are loaded into the huge stone ovens. A guide then will explain to you how they are cooked and smashed to obtain the precious juices which, after a fermentation and distillation process, will turn into tequila. Finally, you’ll head to Jose Cuervo’s cellar, where tequila is aged in white-oak barrels.

Flavors, aromas, and colors in the Magical Town of Tequila


Pueblo de Tequila Jalisco

Walk through the narrow cobblestone streets of downtown Tequila, take lots of pictures of gorgeous colonial buildings and get into the St. James Church. Drink a delicious cantarito, an emblematic cocktail of the region, made by mixing grapefruit, orange juice, tequila, and grapefruit soda. Try a delicious “Carne en su Jugo” or a “Torta Ahogada”. Finally, take advantage of the Centro Cultural Juan Beckmann Gallardo and make this trip the best in your life.

Mexico beats in your heart in Foro Cuervo

The Mariachi Juvenil de Tequila and Mundo Cuervo’s Folkloric Ballet will full your heart of joy when singing and dancing the most representative music of Jalisco. Dressed in tricolor costumes, they will fill the air with the rhythm of “Jarabe Tapatio” and “Son de la Negra”. Although it is a magical experience, there’s nothing compared with what’s coming next.

How is blue agave sowed, and harvested?



persona limpiando agave

The answer to this question is found in Jose Cuervo’s plantations. Located on the skirts of Tequila’s Volcano, these crops will literally charm you at first glance. So much that you won’t stop recording videos and taking photos for social media. No doubt you’ll become the envy of all your friends.

Till next time, Route of Tequila!

The return to Guadalajara occurs on board a comfortable bus with typical music and funny games. The trip comes to the end but we’re sure that you’re coming back to Tequila ASAP. In the end, there are still a lot of surprises and adventures to be discovered.

Publication date: 11/08/2020
Last update: 20/08/2020

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