5 Mexican films that can make you forget about the quarantine

Mundo Cuervo

This Quarantine could be a bit heavy for you, so we want to keep you entertained and make being at home much easier.

We have prepared a list of 5 Mexican movies that you have to see and if you have already seen them, remember them because they are a classic of Mexican cinema.

And you know some popcorn, a blanket, at home taking care of your family is where it is best.





arráncame la vida


The film tells the story of Catalina Guzmán de Ascencio, who fights against the oppression of her husband, General Andrés Ascencio, in 1930s Mexico. From the beginning of their relationship, General Ascencio's sullen and imposing character collides with Catalina's rebelliousness and freshness. After many years of living like this, Catalina has an affair with a young idealist, a conductor who fights to overthrow the cacique governments of Mexico, something that will bring her death at the hands of her enemies. See here


Loving you hurts

 amarte duele


Ulysses is a young man who works helping his father in his market shop selling clothes. Ulysses and his friends spend hours in a shopping mall. It is there that he meets Renata; and she kisses him on a bet with her friends. Their families and friends try to avoid their relationship because of the difference in social classes; but Renata and Ulises live a clandestine love story that ends in tragedy. See here






A humble peasant and woodcutter named Macario (Ignacio López Tarso) is obsessed by the poverty he suffers and the fear of death. Due to the precarious situation on the verge of starvation that he and his family are living, he begins to yearn for being able to enjoy a banquet without having to share it with anyone. See here


 The Legend of the Weeping Woman



 la leyenda de la llorona

On this occasion Leo San Juan, Don Andrés, Teodora and the Alebrije arrive in Guanajuato to try to stop the mummies - which have inexplicably awakened - and recover their friend Xóchitl. With the help of Luis, a friend they know in the city, Leo discovers the terrible secret of the wealthy Rosseau, while the rest of the team realizes they have fallen into a trap. See here


The 3 Garcias

los tres garcía


In the village of San Luis de la Paz live Luis Antonio (Pedro Infante), José Luis (Abel Salazar) and Luis Manuel (Víctor Manuel Mendoza) García, three quarrelsome cousins who only come to order when their grandmother, the energetic Doña Luisa (Sara García), grabs them with a stick. See here

Publication date: 23/06/2020

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