3 juices to keep the coronavirus away

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In the last weeks, there has been a huge controversy about how to prevent the infection and keep it away from our homes. Although scientists must hold deeper research into the virus and its way of transmission, we are certain about the need for enhancing our immune systems. So, we didn’t find any better way of doing it than sharing these 4 recipes of home-made juices to fight against the coronavirus.

Keeping your family safe has never been as easy as delicious.

What juices are good for the immune system?

Despite the countless options of fruit and vegetable juices, none of them are as good for enhancing our defenses like the ones we are about to share with you.

1. Orange - guava juice

3juices to keep the coronavirus

As some memes might claim, this is the “Ol’ reliable” when it comes to vitamin C and potassium punch. Mainly drunk in breakfast, it is a natural antivirus. Thanks to its properties, drinking a glass of it in the mornings will create a protective shield against any kind of infection and virus.

How to make fresh orange-guava juice

Keep in mind – quality, not quantity-. It would always be better to have a half glass of freshly made juice than a full glass of preserved one. 4 to 5 oranges and 2 to 3 guavas will be more than enough for a whole pitcher. Before squeezing any fruit, it’s important that you clean and disinfects the peel. Washing them with water and soap it’s simply perfect. Once your oranges and guavas are clean, cut them into halves. Then, squeeze the oranges to get all the juice out. If you don’t want to do it by hand, you can always use an electric or mechanic squeezer. After you have a glass of natural orange juice, mix it with the guavas in the blender. Finally, sieve juice before serving it.

It’s sweet and delicious. Kids will love it.

2. Warm water with a few drops of lime juice

3 juices to keep the coronavirus

Another fruit juice, booster of the immune system, is the lime and the lemon ones. Contrary to the orange that is usually sweeter, these citruses are more acid. In other words, ideal for the people that have a low-sugar regime.

How to drink lime juice to strengthen the body’s defenses?

The trick now doesn’t require an entire glass of juice. A few drops will actually get the job done. Just mix the juice of half lemon or lime with a glass of warm water. Even though you don’t need a great amount of juice, its crucial that you drink this mix in the very first hours of the day, before eating anything else.

Beyond helping you to become stronger, this juice will turn your body on and prepare it for a super-productive day.

3. Orange, grapefruit, and strawberry juice

The vitamin C triad. Believed to be a natural multivitamin, this juice will definitely keep the coronavirus away from your family. A glass of it will be enough to have the daily dose of vitamins B2, B3, C and E as well as folic acid, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and beta-carotene.

How to fix a juice against the coronavirus?

You will need the fresh juice of two oranges and one grapefruit. Blend the juice with a couple of strawberries until the mix is completely homogeneous. Finally, drink it bottoms up!

We hope you find these tips useful to keep your beloved ones safe and protected against any kind of infection. As you could read, these are three easy and tasty juices you could prepare at home.

From Tequila, Jalisco, we send you a warm hug and our best wishes of health, friendship, and love.

Publication date: 22/05/2020
Last update: 02/06/2020

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