Tips for protecting your home against the Coronavirus

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If there were something a Mexican mother can boast about, it would be knowing how to keep her family safe. A skill that comes extremely handy in these moments of distress. In the end, it was because of families’ struggles that we could contain the virus’ infection-rate. So, thinking about you being safe, we have gathered some tips and tricks for protecting your house against the coronavirus. Just remember that we may hug our beloved ones soon if we work together like the big family we are.

How to protect my house against Coronavirus?

1. Stay at home and don’t let anyone in

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Perhaps you’ve been listing to stay-at-home announces once and again. However, social isolation is still the best way to keep the virus out home. Although the idea of quarantine seems frightening, this time couldn’t have come in a better time. Now, we have the chance to spend some time with our families, makeover the house, or reconnect with that hobby you just left in the past. Stop your horses! We know that you might be wondering – How can I stay at home? I need to work! -. Well, the Internet has come in useful to do so. Whether you move your office at home, or you look for new horizons, working online is an excellent solution to keep earning money and keep committed to social isolation. Lastly, if we could ask you something, please think about your family’s safeness. Every time you leave home, you don’t put yourself in danger but your parents, your wife, your husband, and your kids. Please, avoid as much as you can, going out.


2. Clean and disinfect your entire house

Once you have stopped the infection source the outside world is, you can shield your home against Coronavirus. To do it, you can prepare a sanitizing spray by mixing a part of chlorine in two parts of water. Now, grab a one-use rag and moisten it with a few drops of your disinfectant. Use it to clean any single surface in your

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home. Don’t forget doorknobs nor water faucets! Then, just mop the floor and you’ll turn your house into a refuge against any infection. You can get better results if you mix your floor cleaner with a little bit of chlorine, as well. As soon as you finish, you will have placed a protective barrier inside your house, and you don’t want anyone to break it. Thus, you must avoid people from coming in. Remember that anyone who gets into your home could bring some particles of the virus in the clothes, shoes or even in the skin. In other words, try not to leave your house if possible.

3. Come in barefoot and take a shower immediately

Despite the announces of staying at home, there are many occasions when unavoidably we must leave our refuge. In that case, you must have a protocol to keep your house protected. To be honest, it isn’t rocket science. A couple of rules and cares would be enough to get the job done and keep yourself and your beloved ones on the safe side. What can I do to come to the home safely?


  1. Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth.
  2. Stay one-and-a-half meters away from any person.
  3. As you come back home, take off your shoes and come in barefoot.
  4. Clean your shoes with disinfectant as soon as you can.
  5. Take a shower immediately and put your dirty clothes in a laundry basket.
  6. When taking a shower, make sure to wash your hands first and then your body.
  7. Disinfect any surface you have touched before your shower.

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If you can follow these 7 rules to prevent Coronavirus, you’ll have nothing to fear of. We sincerely hope that you’d have found this information useful and it would help you to keep your family safe. On behalf of Mundo Cuervo, we send you our warmest wishes of health and courage. Soon we will meet again in Tequila and live brand-new adventures.

Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 03/06/2020

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