Test: What Tequila are you?

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Many people claim that everything is related. As in the old adage, "you're what you eat," we believed that you also are what you drink. We have thus made this 10-question test to find out what kind of tequila Jose Cuervo you are.

From now on, you must choose the answer that best fits you. Remember, only one per question! Then, you must sum all your points up to get your results. Let's find out which tequila is the best for you.

What tequila are you based on your personality?

Tequila Jalisco Fabrica la Rojeña

1. In the mornings, I always have for breakfast… a. A glass of orange juice or some fruit b. A cup of café au lait or a cappuccino c. A cup of espresso (no sugar, of course)

2. While driving, I love to listen to… a. Any song to dance, pop is ok b. Classic rock, like Scorpions or AC DC c. Jazz or orchestral music

3. When I arrive at a party, I… a. Immediately make friends. I'm the life and soul of the party b. Look for the people I know, mainly my friends c. Wait for someone to come and talk to me, it always happens

4.- What flavor do you prefer above all? a. The sourness of lime juice b. The spiciness of Mexican food c. The sweetness of a chocolate cake

5. Most of the time, I go to parties in… a. Nightclubs b. A friends place c. Fancy restaurants or exclusive venues

6. In the movies, I like to watch… a. Action or horror films b. Oscar nominees c. Cult films

7. My favorite beach-destination in Mexico is… a. Cancún b. Puerto Vallarta c. Cabo San Lucas

8. There's nothing better for a first date than… a. A cozy café b. A self-prepared dinner at home c. The most elegant restaurant in the city

9. Which two words define you the best? a. Friendly and happy b. Relax and practical c. Classy and elegant

10. In my free time, I usually… a. Watch my-favorite-YouTubers' latest videos b. Watch a whole season of a series on Netflix c. Read an entire book or at least half of it

Sum up!

A= 1 point

B= 2 points

C= 3points

Fábrica  la Rojeña

From 10 to 16 points, Jose Cuervo Especial You have a young soul. You love knowing new people and chatting. You are a nice person who gets along right away. You love having fun at night, you know some friends, drinks and a lot of dancing, of course. No doubt, you live to the limit, falling in love with extreme experiences.

From 17 to 23 points: Jose Cuervo Tradicional People always say that you are much more mature and sincere than you seem. You always prefer discrete reunion with a couple of friends where you can focus on listening to music and have a good chat. Noisy parties are definitely not your stuff! Of course, you're also an art lover who enjoys every single detail.

From 24 to 30 points: Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Your taste buds have been educated to recognize unique flavors, aromas, and textures, so you are always seeking to taste new things. You love exclusive and fancy places. If you were asked to describe your life in a few words, they would be love, peace, and culture. Now you know what kind of Jose Cuervo are you, don't hesitate to share your results on Social Media and invite your friends to take the test!

Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 03/06/2020

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