3 Mexican games to play with kids in the quarantine

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Toddlers, children, and teenagers are undeniably the ones who suffer the most this quarantine issue. Loaded with energy and ambition of discovering the world, the find themselves limited to stay safe at home. Depending on their age, they may have been spending some days watching TV, Netflix or, even, reading some books. However, they sooner or later begin to complain – I’m So Bored! Why must we stay at home? Let’s go out, please! -.

To be completely honest, as days go by, their complaints will turn less comprehensive and they will need new sources of entertainment. Thinking about it, we have come up with a great idea, go back to the basis. Return to those games our parents or grandparents used to play with us on rainy days when we couldn’t go out.

What games can I play with children during the Coronavirus quarantine?

1. The Lottery

Being the most popular game among Mexican children, playing it will guarantee you an evening full of fun. You only need a lottery-deck (it’s something like a poker deck), where each cart has printed a different figure, and some sheets Tequila Jalisco

with some figurines pasted on each. It must look-alike a table with 25 boxes. To play, each player must have a sheet and something to mark each box. In Mexico, with usually use some beans, coins or buttons to do it. Then, one player must be chosen to “sing the lottery”. It means that he will pass the cards reading out loud the figurines’ names printed on them. Finally, participants must mark the boxes when hearing the name of the figurine. The winner will be the first person who has 5 boxes marked in a row or a column. Watch this video and learn how to make a lottery set.

2. Play Scattegories the Mexican way

If you and your family are word-lovers, you must play Scattegories right now. The good thing is that it can be played wherever you are. You only need paper, pencils or pens. To start, draw a table in a piece of paper with the following categories:

  1. Letter (ABC)
  2. Name
  3. Last name
  4. City or Country
  5. Plant, fruit or veggie
  6. Animal
  7. Thing

Then, the players must choose two people. One that will become the ABC’s and a policeman. The game starts when the ABC’s guy says out loud “A” and begins thinking in all the letters. When the policeman finds it convenient, he must stop the ABC’s. After, the letter in which the alphabet count stopped must be claimed and all players must start answering the table. The first gamer who has fulfilled it must start counting from one to ten saying the word “Scattegories” before each number. Something like: Scattegories 1, Scattegories 2, Scattegories 3 and so on. As this counting comes to ten, all players must stop writing. 100 points will be awarded to every well-spelled word that isn’t repeated. If the word was written by two players, then the points are divided into halves. If it were three players, points must be divided into thirds and so on. Every 100-points are divided among the number of repeats. The game finishes when you want. The winner will be the person with the higher score.

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3. Guess the character

Although it isn’t a classic Mexican game, we can adapt it if we focus it on famous characters of Mexican culture. Two people would be enough to play it. One must think out a famous actor, book or, even, a family member. The trick is that the player must know everything about the character. The second player must guess that character by asking 10 yes-or-no questions. The only restriction is that names can’t be asked unless you want to finish the game. For example, if a player asks - Is your character La Llorona? -. The game is over. Then, the thinker must answer. If it isn’t, then the thinker is awarded one point. If it is, the questioner is. The winner will be the player with the higher score. As you can see, there are plenty of games to play in this quarantine. Now you know some of our favorites, don’t hesitate to spend a wonderful evening with your family. We send you our warmest and deepest wishes of health, friendship, family and love from Tequila, Jalisco.

Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 03/06/2020

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