3 dishes to take your taste buds to Tequila

Mundo Cuervo

Little towns in Mexico always stand out for its charming countryside landscapes and the architectural beauty of their colonial buildings. However, food is another source of inspiration to visit them as well.

Just think about this… How many trips have you ever made to taste something new, to eat something for the first time, or just to drink that famous cocktail you heard about? In Tequila, for example, not just cocktails made of 100%-authentic tequila will be waiting for you but also these 3 delicious specialties that can’t be tasted anywhere else on Earth. So, you’d better pack your bags and come to this lovely town in Jalisco.

Fall in Love with Tequila Cuisine

Thanks to the freshness of ingredients, Tequila restaurants always have excellent options on their menus. By mixing Pre-Hispanic and Spaniard flavors and aromas, this cuisine has become internationally renowned for its spicy and delicious dishes. Dishes that more than food have become a stroll to time and traditions.

What to eat in Tequila, Jalisco?

1.- Tortas ahogadas

Fill a bread roll with fried pork (Mexican Carnitas) and soak it in a red pepper sauce. Sounds easy, right? Yet prepare a really good torta ahogada is an art. Pork must be perfectly seasoned, bread must be hard enough not to crumble, this bread only is produced in Jalisco, “birote”, and the sauce should be spicy sufficient to add flavor and doesn’t overwhelm. Did you know…? Don Luis de la Torre was the creator of Tortas Ahogadas. It’s believed that one day in 1940, Don Luis arrived at his home starving. Having only leftovers, he put them together into what we know today as Torta Ahogada.

2.- Carne en su jugo

This delicious meat in its juices has become one of the most iconic dishes of Jalisco. Prepared with crunchy bacon, grilled chives, beef, and a delicious sauce (coriander, onion, garlic, and green pepper blended together). It’s an easy and fantastic way to take a piece of Tequila at home. You can make it even better with an authentic Mexican-beans soup Did you know…? Carne en su jugo is claimed to be a dish created in the late ‘50s by De la Torre family in Piedra Amarilla. It gained so much popularity that soon enough it was server at all Mexican restaurants in Guadalajara, Tequila, Aguascalientes, and Guanajuato.

Restaurante la Antigua Casona

3.- Cantaritos de tequila… in Tequila!

Hey, don’t tell anybody, but you can make this cocktail at home. Traditionally you may need a mud cup, but any jar or glass you have will work. First, rub the rim of a glass with lime juice and then with salt and powdered chili. Second, Add some ice cubes, Orange juice, one half of grapefruit juice, one ounce of tequila Jose Cuervo and grapefruit soda to the top. Third, enjoy it. How easy is it? Even though it’s so easy to make Cantaritos de Tequila at home, the feeling of drink it in the middle of the town is never second best. As you can have beautiful memories with your family and friends, sharing this cocktail in Tequila is something like a ritual to swear everlasting friendship. So, you and your friends must drink it as soon as possible in the heart of this gorgeous town.

Tequila Jalisco

Definitely, there are many other dishes to taste in Tequila like pozole, Green-sauce beef-tongue stew, some fried tacos, a delicious jericalla (burnt-milk pudding) or tequila-flavored ice cream. If you want to taste them all, we recommend you visit La Antigua Casona and Hotel Villa Tequila. They both have fantastic options to have an authentic Mexican meal. If you can’t go to Tequila, let’s take Tequila to you! Try to prepare all these dishes at home. You can go to any supermarket or grocery store to find the ingredients you need. Then, put your apron on and get into the kitchen or better said Tequila. Hit play to your favorite Spotify’s Mariachi-music playlist, set the table with your favorite Mexican dishes and get ready to travel to Tequila without leaving home.

Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 03/06/2020

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