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Winter is finally here, which means cold weather, cozy sweaters, hot cocoa, and of course, Christmas! This is everyone's favorite season for activities with family, friends, or our loved one. It's perfect for creating magical memories in new places.

Winter is the time for celebrating and enjoying. There are many tours for visiting charming Pueblos Mágicos, such as Tequila, Jalisco. If your plan is traveling to Tequila for this season, keep reading! We have prepared a unique guide for you to walk around Tequila and get to know the hottest spots.


What to do at Tequila?

Upon arrival, you may ask yourself, "what should I do first?" The answer is Parroquia Santiago de Apostol, a parish located in Sixto Gorjón Avenue, right in the heart of Tequila. You'll be fascinated with its colonial architecture. Taking a photo in front of this church is a must!

Tequila Jalisco


After visiting this majestic place, you should head to Tequila's Main Plaza, right across Juárez street. You can find plenty of handicrafts and local products in this plaza; it's the perfect spot for shopping souvenirs.


Next, walk to the intersection of Jose María Morelos and Niños Héroes street. Right behind Santiago de Apostol parish, you will find the "Cleofas Mota" food market.

After a delicious lunch, discover the history of this famous drink. The National Museum of Tequila is in Ramón Corona #34. It has different showrooms where they show how tequila is made and its background. You will see ancient instruments, bottles, pictures, and a particular area filled with Guinness record winner bottles, among other things.


As you can see, all the places mentioned above are in the center of Tequila. Therefore, you can easily reach all of them walking, or if you prefer an interesting twist, by bike.


If you wish to rent a bike, we suggest doing it early in the morning. If you're spending a weekend at Tequila, you can spend a whole day walking around the town, and another one for visiting its surroundings. Some of them are the Tequila volcano and the agave fields.


How to reach the Tequila volcano by bike?


Reach Hidalgo street and go straight, heading to the mountains. This is an irregular road, through which you'll see rural buildings and astonishing views, perfect for an exotic ride. In about an hour you'll reach the bottom of the volcano. You'll pass near the agave fields and the woods, a sample of Mexico's most beautiful sceneries.

Tequila Jalisco


Don't forget to bring a jacket and boots; the volcano area is colder than in the town!

You now have a guide of winter activities to do in Tequila, remember to book your room at Solar de las Ánimas or Hotel Villa Tequila. It's an excellent way of celebrating Christmas and New Year originally.


If you wish to learn more about activities, promotions, and events from Mundo Cuervo for celebrating New Year, read the Welcome 2020 at Tequila, Jalisco note.

Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 16/05/2020

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