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Mundo Cuervo

The Jose Cuervo Express tour is a once in a lifetime experience. To ride inside its wagons while listening to the engine creates an excellent scenario for discovering the culture, traditions, and tours of this Pueblo Mágico, as well as an opportunity to taste delicious Mexican cuisine.

Mundo Cuervo has created a brand new experience on board of the emblematic train, Jose Cuervo Express, where you will become an expert in pairing tequila. Even though the art of pairing is most commonly applied with wine, only a few are aware of tequila’s full potential.

As the train arrives at Tequila, you will enjoy a pairing experience with a variety of Jose Cuervo Tequila inside its wagons. Pairing is mostly associated with wine, but trying Mexican food with tequila is a whole new experience.

What’s included?

This pairing tour in the Jose Cuervo Express includes a three-course meal, and of course, the required tequilas for pairing. Imagine the taste of tequila made in Pueblo MágicoTequila combined with exquisite dishes such as skewered chicken in agave stalk, or simply with caramelized agave.

Jose Cuervo Express


This experience is best enjoyed with friends or with your couple, invite your loved ones to take this tour with you.

What’s next?

Then, we will visit La Rojeña distillery, the perfect place for tasting Mexico’s best tequila. You will tour from the masonry ovens to the barrel cellar where tequila ages. Do not miss the chance of trying classic cocktails while you’re there, such as Margaritas or Cantaritos at the Margaritas bar. You will also get to know the “Reserva de la Familia” tequila, which was not available for all public until a few years ago, and today is one of La Rojeña’s main attractions. Look for the exhibition inside the stores!

Fabrica la Rojeña

This tour is perfect for a romantic date or enjoying time with your friends, you will not regret it.

As of December 28, 2019, upon arrival at the Tequila station, the Jose Cuervo Express will start this tasteful adventure. Book your place and all aboard!

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Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 16/05/2020

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