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As soon as you get to “La Rojeña” Distillery in Tequila, Jalisco, you feel really amazed for all the architecture and design that stands out the best in each Mexican culture. Being careful with every single detail, you are transported to the century XIX Mexico. In other words, when you get closer to the factory’s door, you really feel in a traditional Mexican movie.

If you wonder what there is behind Tequila’s elaboration process and you feel curious about how the agave finishes in the bottle, you must visit Tequila’s Pueblo Magico (magic town).

Like many people, you surely are a tequila fan and you dream about the possibility of making your own tequila, so you might want more than just observing the process, tasting tequila, tasting the cooked agave and all the ingredients behind this delicious Mexican beverage.

Can you imagine how this experience would be if it was possible? It would be unforgettable, wouldn’t it? Well, good news. At “La Rojeña” Distilery, there is a chance to live this and become a tequila expert. At “blending” experience, you will learn how to combine flavors in order to adapt them to your likes and surprise your friends with your new Tequila’s master abilities.

Tequila a la Rojeña

First, it is interesting to see the blue agave fields and the agave being cut down. When they get to the “heart” or center of the agave, it is called “la piña”. After that, it is taken to the factory, to the ovens area, where it is cut one more time according to the “piña” size. After that, it will be cooked. During this process, the sugar and honey are separated from the residuals. The next step is the fermentation process. After distillation, tequila is put in elm barrels where it will be left for some years according to the type of tequila that is expected to get. After the chosen period, tequila will be ready to be enjoyed in your favorite place. Being part of this long process is very satisfactory because you are not a simple spectator. You really get involved and participate in the process, while you learn interesting details.

After this, the next part is the mysterious way through “Reserva de la Familia” cava, which is a space where you will find hundred-year-old barrels and tequila bottles. It is a place full of silence and history.

Coming next, it comes the favorite part of the trip: the blending directed by tequila’s personnel, where you will have an educational catering, to learn more about tequila and find your favorite tequila type. Imagine arriving home with a beautiful personalized tequila bottle, with tequila made by yourself. Undoubtedly, it will be a very special and unique souvenir. Can you imagine that?

Fabrica la Rojeña


Do not think twice, prepare your flight tickets, your luggage, your camera and live this adventure full of history and LOTS OF TEQUILA!

La Rojeña distillery waits for you to live the experience of making your own tequila.


Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 04/06/2020

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