How to celebrate the Day of the Dead in Tequila?

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Without a doubt, Mexico is distinguished by its incomparable traditions, amongst them, the most representative and unique is the Day of the Dead. This tradition is celebrated since the prehispanic era and it has been declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Even though it is related to other religious celebrations such as El día de Los Fieles Difuntos and Día de todos Los Santos, in Mexico, people celebrate to the fullest.

Origin of the Day of the Dead After the conquest, evangelization forged a strong religious trait in the natives who lived in Mexico, it allows them to develop a belief based on the nexus of their traditions with the new European beliefs. In this way, they were able to affirm their vision in which each soul has a unique destiny. In the past, according to the Mixtec Calendar[1] , the Day of the Dead is celebrated during the ninth month of the Solar year. Through the passing of years, this date was adapted and became official on the first and second day of November. Despite the complexity of the theme, Mexican cosmo-vision always remembers who had left too early in this journey of life and this date is not only to remember them but to demonstrate the love of a Mexican family transcends beyond, even in death.

Day of the Dead Tequila Jalisco
Why is the Day of the Dead celebrated?
The Day of the Dead celebrates the transcendence from life to death, something mysterious and uncertain for us. The Day of the Dead is celebrated on the first days of November and it’s a time to immortalize our loved ones who are no longer with us. The first day is to celebrate the “angelitos”, meaning the children, while the second day is for the adult souls. This celebration is full of ancestral traditions that include different ways to show respect to the deceased: Alter with traditional food of the era, and especially, there are signs of love everywhere.
What do people do on the Day of the Dead?
One or two days before the celebration, it is a tradition to put-up an alter with the offerings for the dead. It is important to mention that each state of the Mexican country has a special way to decorate their altars, usually, it consists of decorating a space of the house with colorful fabric, cempasuchil flowers, sugar skulls, cut paper, the classic dead bread, candles, and a crucifix. Also, people put the photographs of their deceased relatives and friends, as well as the meals and drinks that they used to eat and drink when they were still alive.
Day of the Dead Tequila Jalisco

During the celebration, families gather to remember their deceased love-ones, some families pray for them while others simply enjoy the company. Something unquestionable is that, if you are truly a perceptive person, you can feel the essence of your loved ones once again in the world of the living.

How to celebrate the Day of the dead in Tequila?

In Tequila this beautiful tradition is commonly known to be full of colors, activities and cempasúchil flowers. This magic town will wait for you to live this unique experience. You can start your journey in the Jose Cuervo Express and end the adventure marveling at all the legends that keep the cobbled streets of Tequila and its agave fields. In addition, you may also enjoy the delicious meals of the season in the different restaurants such as La Antigua Casona and the Villa Tequila Hotel. So, prepare your suitcase and your camera, and stop thinking about it. Come to celebrate the Day of the Dead in Tequila!

Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 13/10/2020

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