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It is well known that Tequila is a symbol of culture, traditions and fun. Tequila is a place full of history where the Tequila drink is a must. The beautiful landscapes that surround this Mexican magic town will make you not wanting to miss the best views of this emblematic place. The agave fields are considered landmarks of the town, along with the “haciendas” (landed estates of significant size of plantations, mines or factories) and “destilerias” (distilleries), where you can see in detail the production of this famous Mexican drink. There are wonderful places that are considered an obligation to visit, since they offer interesting and very comfortable facilities. For that reason, it is important to mention the best places to visit in Tequila, Jalisco to know about and to take a great picture.


Plaza principal de Tequila, Jalisco (Main Square of Tequila, Jalisco)

Tequila Jalisco

Take a picture in the classic letters of “Tequila”, they are located in the downtown of this magic place. Where you can also take advantage and explore the plaza’s surrounding, where on one side you will find the Santiago Apostol Parish, and let’s not forget about the beautiful and colorful Quiosco (Kiosk), and on its surroundings there are stores that offer a variety of souvenirs.


Agave Fields Jose Cuervo

Avage Tequila Jalisco

Undoubtedly, the agave fields are the most beautiful landscapes of this magical town, it is an excellent option to visit in Tequila, Jalisco for which the tour is quite enriching and full of nature, that will surprise you so much that you wouldn’t want to leave without knowing every detail of this place. Don’t discard the option of a beautiful photo around the blue-green plants, and you will surely feel the warmth of this magic place.


Jose Cuervo Express®

Jose cuervo Express

When you think of “Tequila”, that also reminds you of a Jose Cuervo’s bottle and the beautiful magical town of Tequila, you also think of the best attractions in Tequila, such as the impressive Agave fields. What better than to enjoy them on board of a classic train? Besides enjoying a comfortable seat with the best view of the Blue Agave’s plantations, you will be on board of the only train traveling through history and tequila’s culture. Just imagine how your boarding picture would look like?


Fabrica La Rojeña®

Fabrica la Rojeña

If you are a fan of the Mexican drinks, you will surely like to delve into the details of its making, in Fabrica La Rojeña®. This factory will allow you to know all the details about the process in making the Tequila that everybody enjoys. This tour offers a visit to the old distillery where they will teach you how an agave plant becomes a Tequila bottle. In the same way, they keep the family’s old car collection, a photo next to one of those cars is undoubtedly an interesting portrait of the past.



Tienda de Raya in Hacienda el Centenario Lázaro Gallardo

Hacienda Centenario

Get ready to know the largest and oldest bar of Latin America, in which there is a huge amount of original old products. The bars are divided into 3 old bars, based on 3 places of Mexico, Matehuala, San Miguel de Allende and Ciudad Juarez. This bar is unique for its old design of Mexico and its length of 26 meters. Having said that, imagine a picture in the bar with a background full of Jose Cuervo’s bottles or with some of the representative’s objects of some magical towns of Mexico, and above all, artefacts that dates back to the old Mexican life-style of the early twentieth century, without a doubt you will get a sophisticated and inspiring photo.


Now you know what the best places to take pictures in Tequila, Mexico may be, if you visit this magic town, don’t hesitate to take the most wonderful pictures in these interesting and historical places, they represent the most valuable side of Mexico. So, let yourself be amazed by the magic that Tequila, Jalisco has for you.

Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 16/05/2020

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