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Guadajara is a city known for the Tequila, the music, the culture, the colonial town squares, emblematic sites and its wide rage of gastronomy. Specifically, in Tequila, Jalisco seasonal fruits such as plum and mango are produced to form the essential ingredients of Jalisco’s gastronomy.  This is due to the land and climate of Jalisco providing the appropriate characteristics for the development of this fruit-culture. The production of these fruits offers not only the residents but also the visitors a great gastronomical variety.

In Tequila, the production of these fruits is a very beneficial activity both for the producers of the region but also the people who consumes it. Likewise, this activity has helped Mexico claim its fifth place worldwide as a producer of goods and they’ve successfully export to countries such as United States, France, Netherlands, New Zealand and Spain.

What is the plum and the mango?

The plum has its origin in Guadalajara since 1738, and it's been recorded as an important production in Tequila municipality, as there exist in Barranca's orchard more than 10,000 plum trees. This fruit has a round or elongated shape, and its color can range from yellow, green, red or lilac. As for its taste it can be either acidic or sweet. The plum has a somewhat juicy consistency, and it also stands out as a very nutritious fruit for its vitamin’s contribution, mostly vitamin C.

On the other hand, the mango is the third most important tropical fruit worldwide, it is a fruit with many presentation and it comes from Asia, specifically from India and Birmania. Subsequently, it arrives to our country from the Spain Conquest. The mango has an oval shape, cover in an indigestible skin of yellow to red color. Inside the pulp has a sticky consistency with a yellow to orange hue. Now let’s talk about the flavor, when this fruit is mature, the flavor is sweet, but if its not yet ripe enough, it may have an acidic taste. The mango is rich in magnesium and fill with A and C Pro-vitamin.

Festival of Mango and The Plum

These fruits forms part of a festival that carries their names, “Festival of Mango and the Plum”, that began due to Tequila municipal being the place for yielding plum and mango in the region. This Festival is carried out around the end of May. If you’re in the magic town of Tequila you cannot miss this important Festival that reunites both farmers and commerce, who displays the highest quality of these products.

This festival put on sale the freshest fruits, such as product derived from Plum and Mango. You may also find preserved fruits, sweets, jams, and a great variety of gastronomical dishes that derives also from the plum and mango. In this important festival you may also enjoy cultural events such as the folklore, and many other important traditions such as the Prehispanic dance, Trova music that are perform in the main square. If you’re planning on visiting Tequila on your next trip around the end of May its most probable you’ll be able to enjoy this festival. You mustn’t miss it!

The plum and the mango, how to use the Tequilense gastronomy?

The regional products are also used in restaurant to give that special touch of flavors in their dishes with their delicious salad dressings, cool drinks, sorbet, and dishes seasoned with mango, plum and tequila.

Aside from the restaurant, the seasonal fruits may be found in the market in Main Square where a variety of products made from the fruits are given in different presentations:

  • Liqueur
  • Distill
  • Cocktails
  • Desserts
  • Salad Dressings or Seasonings
  • Preserved Food
  • Sauces
  • Jams
  • Sorbets
  • Ice Lolly
  • Candy
  • Cool Drinks

The family and the Production

Many families work in the production of plum and mango, and these fruits are distributed in the different municipalities of Jalisco. For example, in the municipal of Tequila handmade or crafty goods are made derived from the fruits, like those we’ve mentioned above (jams, sorbets, Ice lolly, candy, etc), and the famous “Mango sauce” that is very similar to the “Micheladas” (a prepared drink made with beer, lemon juice and salt). Don’t forget! When you stroll around the streets of Tequila, remember to stop by the stores that offers a variety of product related to Tequila and goods that are derived from fruits of the season like the plum and mango.

In the gastronomical restaurant of Mundo Cuervo you may enjoy a great variety of dishes and fresh cool drinks made of seasonal fruits. Don’t miss the chance to feast upon it!

Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 06/05/2020

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