The women in the making process of Tequila

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The tequila is one of the most emblematic drinks from Mexico and you must taste it on your next visit to Tequila, Jalisco. But not just that, also do not miss out the oportunity to learn about the place that started all this magical process in making Tequila.

Let’s learn a little of its production…

El agave is the raw material to elaborate Tequila, it has a shape resembling to larger size pineapple, where it’s leaf and prickle grows , Have you seen them before? The most important part is the head or heart of the agave or “piña”, where it is harvested to make tequila, through a series of cooking phases of the “piña”, “machacado” (crushed), “fermentacion” (fermentation), and “destilacion” (distillation).

This exceptional plant is easy to distinguish because of its long, broad, and rigid blue leaves, and it’s nuclear that resembles a pineapple, this is the most important part because it is where the natural juice come from. During the process of caring this plant it is necessary to prune and separate the younger ones (hijuelos) from the older plants. In this process, the jimadores (caretakers of agaves) are in charge to cut (jimar) the leaves and root of the agave, meanwhile the ladies re-plant the young ones (hijuelos). An important note to consider is that the agave becomes mature between 7 to 8 years, some even takes longer than 12 years it depends on the conditions.

The women and the Tequila.

La mujer y el tequila

In the process of Tequila a series of laborious interventions and efforts are perform, from raw material to physically demanding exertion invested by men and women. It is rightly said that the lands in Jalisco are the propitious ones to produce agave, and it has been the primary income source for many families. Between the years 1999 to 2003 the women started to participate in young (hijuelos) ones section (plant sprouts). Could you imagine it? Quite so, the women also have an important participation in the making of Tequila.

This practice of selection consists of cutting and separation young ones (hijuelos) in different sizes and qualities. For the women were not considered to work the physical exertion part under the sun, but they are more focus on selecting the young ones (hijuelos) to replant. This was the beginning of women’s acknowledgement in this important process of Tequila making. Did you expected something like this?

The importance of women’s role in this process of Tequila making were more and more accepted, but this does not mean that men has been left aside, they also fulfill important functions in the production. However, the women were considered since a long time ago till the present day, factoring that their work are more delicate to check and select.

It is considered that the Tequila making industry is related to a lot of masculinity, but behind this industry there’s team work between both men and women that strives to give exception work to obtain a desired product.  In this sense, the women were known for their gentleness, delicacy and ability to spot details that favors the production.

La industria del tequila

The women have had important roles years ago, like the ones in charge of selecting the plants that are to be re-planted, and therefore demands a special attention. Did you know about the roll women played in the Tequila industry? That’s right, very few people know about the process and it is very important to highlight it.

But there is more, as the time passed and the industry grows, there has been even more women and men hired to wok in the analytical and chemical depart of the industry. This means, women were hired to participate in even more areas in the Tequila production.

Now that you know a new aspect of Tequila production, don’t miss out the chance to visit Tequila, Jalisco and lodge in the Hotel Villa Tequila. Be prepare to discover more about the daily production and live the experience. I assure you it would be marvelous to get to know the men and women that works in the production of Tequila, the jimadores (caretakers of agave), horneros (caretakers of the oven), Tequileros teachers and the women in the factory.

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Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 15/05/2020

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