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Few feelings are comparable to that of looking up every day your wife, kids or parents. Many times, the joys of having a loving, cheerful and tight-knit family go unnoticed due to our daily activities. This issue has caused a great controversy in recent years. As Mexicans are now showing starker contrast between modern and traditional generations, it has been realized that family values, principles and customs are rapidly changing.

Some years ago, families used to lie in social values like respect, cooperation, unity and love. For instance, Sunday reunions were a big deal. As all family gathered together frequently, bonds between parents, children, cousins, brothers and sisters were strong. However, as time went by and new social requirements appeared, families got fragmented. Each time is more difficult to throw a family reunion. There’s always someone who can’t attend because of having a lot of work, an appointment or simply due to being unwilling to go. Moreover, some people has stopped giving priority to family, although there’re children involved.

United Nations has therefore fixed March 15th, 1993 as the first Family International Day. A day aim at highlighting the good principles of family and inviting people to deal with the main issues concerning it. From that date, several actions have been held in order to restore the ancient values on which it was based. Mexico has joined the cause in 2005, just before fixing this celebration on the second Sunday of March.

Some pro-family organizations have been struggling to achieve a change of mind in new generations. Beyond defending the perspective of a traditional family, these actions are aimed at rejoining them and avoiding possible divorces.

Jose Cuervo Express

Modern families are believed not to being able to live under the same rules of traditional ones. However, they must preserve part of the traditional perspective. Mundo Cuervo®, aware of this, has decided to join in the pursuit of family reunion and create the ultimate experience to discover Tequila Jalisco.

Tequila, beyond being the born-place of the homonym drink, it is also a sanctuary for Mexican heritage preservation. So, what can be better to celebrate the International Family Day than a weekend getaway in this charming town?

Keep on reading if you want to discover the perfect plan for visiting Tequila.

First, you can get on board Jose Cuervo Express®, a classic train that departs from Guadalajara heading to Tequila. During the trip, you can taste mouthwatering cocktails made of tequila Jose Cuervo®, some local appetizers and enjoy the amazing experience of touring an authentic distillery and discovering the secrets behind the tequila making process.

When sun is going down, Solar de las Animas®, a Relais & Chateaux certified hotel, becomes an excellent spot to finish the day. Representing the vast culture of a XIX-Century Mexico, it has a heavenly coziness that no one can resist. In addition, you can’t miss the chance of dining at La Antigua Casona®. It has the best local food in Tequila. “Pozole” (a Mexican stew), “Tortas ahogadas” and “Carne en su Jugo” are simple out of this world.

Don’t hesitate, you can build come awesome memories with your family in Tequila.  Come and enjoy this March!




Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 04/06/2020

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