A Mexican christmas in Tequila Jalisco

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Christmas, one of the most awaited celebrations in Mexico and around the World. Mexicans regard it as a: “time to love, celebrate, reunite with their  families, enjoy delicious diners and have a traditional toast”.

Every country celebrates Christmas in its own way. However, in Mexico buildings, plazas, parks and main squares are decorated with colorful lights and ornaments. In houses, Nacimientos (Nativity scenes) are set, piñatas are hanged from the roof awaiting to be  wacked and shattered by children, and delicious aromas flourish from the kitchens, making everyone remember the joys of the year.

Do you want to live an authentic Mexican Christmas this year? Come to Tequila, Jalisco! 

Hotel  Solar de las Ánimas


A Mexican-Style Christmas

The Posadas (a type of folkloric lodging) begins on December16th, when people go singing in the streets traditional chants that finish approximately on January 6th after the “Three King’s (Magi / Wise Men) day”; even though, some people claim it ends until February 2nd after eating the traditional tamales in the Candelaria Day (Candlemas Day).

During these days, people are used to sing litanies, gift fruits or candies to the kids, break a piñata, burn fireworks and drink delicious fruit punch to overcome the cold winter.

The Last Posada, is the most important one; this one is celebrated in December 24th;  families gather to have the traditional Christmas Dinner.

Christmas in Tequila, Jalisco

Mexican Folklore in the Magical Town of Tequila has a unique way of hosting and celebrating Christmas. Thanks to  it’s Colonial architecture and several attractions, Mexican traditions became a great source of amusement; so don’t be afraid! Get ready to celebrate Christmas like never before! Take advantage of Solar de las Animas Hotel´s Christmas Special Packages and Offers, which include two nights accommodation in luxurious Colonial rooms, a traditional Christmas dinner at La Antigua Casona Restaurant, open bar, music, and a traditional family mood. It also includes a tour inside La Rojeña Distillery and a visit through the Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center, the perfect spot to complement for your adventure.

Come along with your family and with Mundo Cuervo®; it´s time to live a traditional Mexican Christmas in the most charming Town of Mexico, Tequila.

Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 05/06/2020

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