Meet the Pachecadas of Tequila’s Magical Town

Mundo Cuervo

Even if Tequila’s main charm is the traditional process of making agave-liquor, this Magical Town hides a wonderful culinary secret, the pachecadas.

Being a 100% traditional meal of Tequila, they are a non-common mix of tejuino, beer, lime and sea salt. Just keep reading, if you want to know all the secrets behind this dish.

Tejuino, the main ingredient of Pachecadas

Tejuino or Tesgüino, is the fundamental element when preparing Pachecadas. It is a prehispanic brew made from mexican-corn dough. This drink is an important product for many indigenous people in Mexico, like Yaquis, Tarahumaras, Huicholes and Zapotecas; due to be an essential part of their diet. It is also popular among the inhabitants of Jalisco, Nayarit and Sinaloa.

Despite Tejuino’s-elaboration process may vary, the base still is the same. You must boil some water, add solid brown sugar, which will gradually sweet the mixture. Then, just add some corn-dough. It will look like a milky cream which Mexicans call atole. When it has thick consistency, turn the fire off and let it cool. Once it has done it, add some lime juice drops.  Finally, if it is wanted to become alcoholic, it must stay in a mud pot for 3 to 4 days. However, it can be consumed a few hours before being made.

The origins of Pachecadas

Tequila Jalisco

The creator behind this refreshing drink was Mr. Marcos Pacheco, who also named them because of his last name and the peculiarity of his invention. 40 years ago, Mr. Pacheco retired and as money seems not to be enough, he decided to run a business as tejuinero (a person who sells tejuino).

The story says that one day, Mr. Pacheco has the brilliant idea of mixing tejuino and dark beer to rehydrate one of his costumers, who arrived drunk at his cart looking for a remedy to hangover. Thanks to this drunk client, Pachecades become a great success among Tequila’s people.

According to its creator, the secret behind its flavor is always using dark beer.

Where to find Pachecadas in Tequila

Everyday, Mr. Pacheco, his son and his grandson place the tejuino /pachecadas cart in the corner near the main entrance of Mundo Cuervo, in the historic district of Tequila Jalisco.

So, after your tour to La Rojeña distillery or visiting the gorgeous Centenary Hacienda, don’t miss the chance to try this delicious experience. Besides, buying a Pachecada will help Mr. Pacheco and his family to continue with this fantastic business.


Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 05/06/2020

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