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As you get in Tequila Jalisco and hang out a little bit, you may notice that this Magical Town has a wide appreciation not just for alcohol elixirs but also for arts and Mexican popular traditions. For instance, Music School of Tequila, established by Beckmann Foundation, is the very best demonstration of tequilas people love for arts.

Arts, Traditions and Education in Tequila   

Music school of Tequila

Popular arts and traditions are an essential part of people’s identity. Beckmann Foundation seems to understand it amazingly good, so they created several institutions, events and activities which support the sustainable development of Jalisco. Some of them are Music School of Tequila, the International Music Academy of Tequila, Tequila’s Music Fest, Juan Beckmann’s Cultural Center and the Cuervo-Petrof Piano Contest.

The Music School of Tequila founded 14 years ago, encourage children and teenagers to develop their artistic talent, providing them with formal music education and some major presentations in concerts and festivals.

Free music lessons are given all year long. Near 400 students and 15 highly skilled teachers worked together in several activities aimed at transmitting this music knowledge. Students can choose between these four workshops: guitar, violin, African percussions or choirs.

 Several students graduated from the Music School of Tequila have decided to continue their formation in a professional institution and have built a successful career in music. Some examples of them are Benito Rodriguez, Sergio Dario Gonzales Mercado, Ariadne Rosales, Itzel Jauregui and Omar Flores.

Tequila’s Cultural Fest

Music School of Tequila

Since April 2004, Beckmann Foundation took on the commitment to organize this festival to diffuse students’ achievements and create a forum for artistic expression. Thanks to it, students has had the chance to share the spotlight with Eugenia Leon, Fernando de la Mora, Benito Rodriguez and some groups like Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan, Philharmonic Orchestra of Jalisco and the Mexican National Conservatory Orchestra.

Beyond Tequila’s Cultural Fest, Beckmann Foundation also runs the International Music Academy of Tequila, a forum where international teachers and music geniuses come and give lessons and workshops to Tequila’s Music School students.

Undoubtedly, Beckmann Foundation actions extol not just Tequila Jalisco’s name as a major destination for enjoying culture and arts but also Mexico itself.

Let’s make a tost for arts!

Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 05/06/2020

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