It’s mushroom hunting season in Tequila, Jalisco

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It’s mushroom hunting season in Tequila, Jalisco

Looking for a place to eat in Tequila will lead you  to some interesting restaurant options which offers the typical food of jalisco; such as Tortas Ahogadas and Meat in its juice. However, if you really want to explore the gastronomic heritage of Tequila Jalisco, you must taste the seasonal dishes made out of mushrooms.

Agust arrives during the heavy rains of summer,  a month which is jokingly call mushgust” by locals, due to the fact that in their very first days appear some growths of setas and edible mushrooms on the foothills of Tequila’s Volcano.

Thanks to be a nutrient-rich food and have great flavor, Tequila inhabitants and other nearby communities go hunting them into the forest during this season. Then, as it was done in the prehispanic era, they prepared some mushroom-based recipes.

Continuing with the tradition, some restaurants in Tequila have included some mushroom -  specials on their menus, Due to the few days the hunting season lasts, visitors who want to discover the succulent flavors, smells and textures of Jalisco’s traditional mushroom cuisine, should be really aware of it and never miss the chance to taste it.

In La Casona Antigua restaurant, located a few steps from Tequilas main square, august never goes unnoticed. Their chefs add this noble ingredient to the menu for some days. What about a mushroom bicolor soup or a great salad with crunchy mushrooms and agave vinaigrette for the entree?  Does it make your mouth water? Well, await for the main course. In that case, you can choose between beef and mushrooms stew, salmon with mushrooms and asparagus with black butter, or a mexican dry- chili pepper filled up with mushrooms and served with some cheesy sauce.

Restaurante La antigua casona

Another restaurant in Tequila that has took advantage of the mushroom season in Jalisco is El Agavero Restaurant. It is part of a widely renowned hacienda-hotel in the magical town of Tequila. The menu is more traditional than the other restaurant but still original, it offers a more relaxing alternatives such as mushroom quesadillas, mushroom and curd cheese gorditas and Tapalpa-style mushroom enchiladas. Bon appetit!

Restaurante La antigua casona

It is important to mention that this dishes comes and goes in a eyeblink. This year, they will be available only from 14th to 19th august. I will give you the contact information of these restaurants for you to reserve a table.

La Antigua Casona - Hotel Solar de las Ánimas


+52 (374) 742 07 00 Ext. 6801


El Agavero Restaurant - Hotel Villa Tequila


+52 (374) 742 42 42


Did you know that Jalisco celebrates a Mushroom fair each year? This state is into the first five mushrooms producers in Mexico! Lots of people travel here just to taste these seasonal delicacies. This phenomenon is called mycoturism.

Another important event during this season is Festival Hongo de Tequila ( Tequila’s Mushroom Fest). It is celebrated on august 17th and 18th to honor the importance of mushrooms in Tequila’s biocultural heritage. The main activities of this festival are mushroom hunting, tasting, some conferences, and a fair of producers and artisans. You can make your registration by calling us at +52 (374) 742 1919.

So, now you have more than a reason to visit Tequila Jalisco! Choose your favorite mushroom dish and pair it with a glass of Tequila Reposado Jose Cuervo®. Bon Appetit!



Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 05/06/2020

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