Come and enjoy a horse ride through the agave landscape

Mundo Cuervo

The picture is unique; it is totally worthwhile to enjoy the beauty of this amazing landscape. Have you ever ride a horse in such a stunning place? It´s time now! Open your eyes and get ready to immortalize this landscape on horseback! A century-old custom at your fingertips.

Doing some of the activities that Mundo Cuervo has prepared for you is always an excellent option to enjoy some fun days with your family or a group of friends. And among these different options there is the horseback ride through the agave landscapes, a centuries-old custom, just as the old generations that inhabited this territory, did every day.

A 2-hour ride that will take you to unique and unforgettable places.  This is a special occasion to relive the magic and spirit of the ancestors, yes, on horseback. Book only 24 hours before and you will enjoy a round trip from the Solar de las Animas Hotel. Riding gear included, as well as the “Jalisco” style hat to protect you from the sun.


The agave landscape on horseback

Tequila Jalisco

In the foothills of the Tequila volcano, far and wide 36,000 ha site, the agave landscape is a great blue mantle that surprises everyone who visits it. Tequila's ancient industrial facilities are part of UNESCO's World Heritage list since July 2006.

An expansive landscape of an intense blue color agave, shaped by the culture of the plant which has been used since the 16th century to produce tequila, fused with the old techniques of European distillation.

The agave landscape brings together those territories where the blue agave fields are found, such as Amatitan, Arenal and Tequila, as well as other areas of important archaeological remains of cultivation terraces, houses, temples, ceremonial graves, and ball courts typical of the Teuchitlan culture. A horseback ride where you can admire the way people have been related to their natural environment for centuries.

The agave landscape, intangible cultural heritage, is a beautiful culmination of traditions and beliefs related to the agave plant. It highlights the Todos Santos ranch at the foothills of the Tequila volcano, composed by the lands of Buenos Aires and Todos Santos where the agave plants grow in its entire splendor. These are agaves with very high sugar output due to the thermal conditions of the place.

Mundo Cuervo offers you to explore this beautiful place enjoying the colors and the immensity of its agave landscape in an original and fun horse ride, but most important is that you collect moments that will remain in your memory and of course, lots of stories in your social networks. Enjoy Mexico and enjoy Tequila with us!

Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 15/05/2020

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