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Casa Cuervo, a global and leader company in the alcoholic beverage industry, created the Jose Cuervo A.C. Foundation in 1998, as a possibility of giving back to society the benefits received in the pursuit of its business objectives. This has not only give the company the satisfaction of having done something for its social environment, it has also contributed through its commitment, in the creation of shared value, which is clearly a new way of raising employment and business opportunities for the population of Tequila, Jalisco.


This 2018 the Foundation celebrates 20 years of walking hand in hand with the communities where the business units of Jose Cuervo, Mundo Cuervo and Grupo JB operate; where is executed an innovative Model of Sustainable Community Development that is made up of 4 strategic lines: Education, Social Development, Cultural Development, Local Development and Training. These initiatives aligned to impact the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), they join it on a voluntarily basis to contribute actively to the solution of local and global problems that affect our societies.


To ensure the quality and effects of its programs, the Foundation is in continuous evaluations. This has allowed to obtain some distinctions and relevant certifications such as the Best Corporate Social Responsibility, received in three editions, the last one in 2017, where it is distinguished as one of the Best Practices of CSR to its Preventive Education program, executed in the community of Tequila in collaboration with all public and private educational institutions, which is intended to encourage young people to acquire psychosocial support, protection and life-skills as well as promote good health practices in the alcohol consumption among adolescents. Since 2015, the Foundation is ratified as an Institution that works under the quality management standards provided by the ISO 9001-2015, in order to guarantee the quality of the services provided to the community.


In 2018, the population of Tequila is celebrating 488 years of its foundation. Tequila is a community where those who visit and live in, participate in an active and committed way to the preservation of the historical legacy: the house where one of the oldest and most important industries in Mexico, the one of Tequila,  was born, lives and grows, almost 500 years of history sets the challenge of becoming a model for other towns in Mexico, being an active community, where tradition and modernity coexist with society and its inhabitants, the harmonious, fair and equitable development joined to move towards models of environmental sustainability, this will help to be one of the most important magical towns of Mexico, its construction is in process, management tools such as a smart city concept, the school of music, and development of high-performance talents in cultural matters and the promotion of an innovative culture, entrepreneurship and leadership among its inhabitants are some of the many elements that govern its performance.


There is a great commitment to keep contributing to Mexico and the world, the best of Mexico and the Jose Cuervo Foundation will continue in a sustained and committed way joining in this effort.



Publication date: 03/05/2020
Last update: 04/06/2020

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